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The Dwarf Thrall is a thief in the Planar Prison and one of only two thralls who does not have a Thrall Collar. He is found hiding in the shadows behind the Master of Thralls.

Aaaah! Please leave me be! I have done nothing!!

After the Master is dead, he emerges from the shadows, amazed at the party.

" have killed the master! You have killed him!! By Clangeddin's Axe, I thought such a thing not even possible!"

He can then answer a few questions:

  1. Can you tell me where the Warden is?
  2. Do you know what device this creature has that controls the thralls?
  3. Do you know of a way out of here?

If quick enough (now equipped with the The Paws of the Cheetah from the halfling bounty hunter), he can be pick-pocketed for well-off random treasure before he disappears.

"I...I must flee before the Warden discovers the Master of Thralls is dead! Please...destroy the orb if you are able! I beg of you!!"

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