Racial Traits Edit

  • Racial Bonuses: Infravision. -2 bonus to Death, Wand, and Spell saving throws with additional Constitution-based bonuses (up to -5 bonus total at 18+ Con, see "Shorty" Saving Throws).
  • Stat Modifiers: +1 Con, -1 Dex, -2 Cha.
  • Stat Minimum/Maximum:
    • Str: 8/18
    • Dex: 3/17 (2/17 in BG:EE)
    • Con: 12/19
    • Int: 3/18
    • Wis: 3/18
    • Cha: 2/16 (1/16 in BG:EE)

Classes Edit

Class Accessibility Edit

Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Thief

Multi-Class Accessibility Edit

Fighter / Thief, Fighter / Cleric

Recommended classes Edit

Barbarian, Fighter, Fighter / Cleric, Fighter / Thief, Dwarven Defender(EE)

Discouraged classes Edit

Cleric, Thief

Dwarves make excellent warriors because of their extremely high constitution. The very small selection of playable classes available for dwarves, second only to halflings, may discourage anyone wanting to play a dwarf that isn't the fighting type. They don't have as much strength as half-orcs, but their ungodly high saving throws more than makes up for it in the long run. While the 17 maximum in dexterity at character creation hurts their armor class, it can be boosted to 18 with the use of skill manuals. This will put your AC on par with any other race outside of halflings and elves.

Those interested in playing thieves can still do so with a dwarf character because the dexterity restriction is actually balanced out by naturally high racial adjustments to thieving skills (particularly disarm traps, open locks and set traps). However, it should be noted that the high constitution bonus only applies to warrior classes and the steep charisma penalty dwarves suffer doesn't make them ideal as party leaders or for getting the best prices at stores.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Dwarves are short and stocky, easily identifiable by their size and shape. They have ruddy cheeks, dark eyes, and dark hair. Dwarves tend to be dour and taciturn. They are given to hard work, and care little for most humor. They enjoy beer, ale, mead, but most of all, they love gold. There are four racial divisions of dwarves within the Realms: shield dwarves, gold dwarves, wild dwarves, and duergar.

Dwarves have the following traits:

  • +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Paralysis/Poison/Death, vs. Rod/Staff/Wand, and vs. Spell, with additional bonuses based on Constitution.
  • Infravision.
  • +20% Open Locks, +20% Find Traps, +15% Pick Pockets, +10% Move Silently, +5% Hide in Shadows, +5% Detect Illusion, +10% Set Traps.
  • +1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity, -2 Charisma.

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