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Durst is one of the vampires encountered in Bodhi's Hideout during the events of Chapter 3, if you have decided to side with Aran Linvail in the guild war between the Shadow Thieves and Bodhi's Vampire Coven.


Note:For a more in-depth walkthrough of Dutrst's involvement and attacking Bodhi's Vampire hideout task - see Aran's Task - Defeat Bodhi and her guild.

Durst is found with the Lower Tombs in Chapter 3 and is just one of the protectors in Bohdi's hideout.

He has 67 hit points and provides 14,500 XP when killed. Once he is killed, he'll transform into his gaseous form and drift back to his coffin, where he must be staked to permanently kill him.

Durst has a simplified script in this encounter that triggers dialogue and a general melee attack plan. He uses no Vampire Domination abilities. Durst has the hit points and abilities of a Fledgling Vampire, but a much higher experience point reward.

Note: Staking Durst, Gellal, and Lassal is required to complete the Aran's tasks to receive the Shadow Thieves' aid quest and advance to Chapter 4.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems and the "Improved Vampires" component makes some revisions to Durst. The mod assigns a new default script for the vampire, to recognize party member immunities to level drain and other protections for better targeting and tactics. Durst is now a level 12/12 Fighter/Thief class, with 20 STR, 20 DEX, 19 CON, 145 HP, an adjusted Attacks per round of 2.5, THAC0 3, and Armor Class -3. Durst can only be struck with +2 enchanted weapons or greater. Durst may use any of the SCS standard vampire innate abilities such as Vampire Domination, shapeshift to bat or wolf, and has the CON draining melee attack to go along with the level drain.