Durlag's Tower Walkthrough

Before you set foot in this tower know that there are many traps, especially in the lower labyrinth. Almost every container is trapped as well, so it might be a good idea to reserve a party slot for a thief or one of its variants with ample thieving skills to sniff out and deal with the danger ahead.

Note: Various traps laid out inside a room just behind the doorway cannot be found through the doorway outside of the room. These rooms will have additional entries or one can try to get close enough inside the entry way to detect it.


Durlag's Tower Outside (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Outside

Upper LevelsEdit

Durlag's Tower Level 1 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Level 1

Upper Level 1 (AR0502)Edit

If you are taking Ike's Guided Tour of the tower, keep talking to him until he tries to sell you a wardstone. Whether you accept or reject, a Demonknight will appear and attack everyone with Fireball spells, killing Ike which will get you your gold back or the wardstone either way. Evade his attacks for now, it is impossible to kill him at this point. The only floor trap on this level is in between the northwest doorway.

Durlag's Tower Level 2 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Level 2

Durlag's Tower Chimney (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Chimney

Upper Level 2 (AR0503)Edit

There are no notable people on this floor, though there are still numerous items you can collect. There are also four ghasts that attack you on sight and may be tough to defeat depending on your level.


In the southeast corner one of the corridors ends with an exit to the roof. Before you go outside prepare with protection against petrification, there is one Lesser Basilisk waiting after the first steps and three Greater Basilisks on the upper roof level. A Potion of Mirrored Eyes may not last long enough, pending your speed and luck in battle. Since Protection From Petrification in its various forms lasts at minimum 1 hour, this is the better choice.

Durlag's Tower Level 3 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Level 3

Upper Level 3 (AR0504)Edit

There are no floor traps on this level, but again there are still numerous items you can collect.


If you go down the south passageway, you will eventually meet a ghost who will mistake you for Durlag. You can kill it for 3750 XP. It can will summon an Invisible Stalker and cast Chaos. This may be a tough battle.

Kirinhale and RiggiloEdit

In the eastern most room is Riggilo. He will talk to you upon sight. If you annoy him he will attack. If you have accepted Kirinhale's quest, take the lock of hair she gave you and give it to Riggilo. Say it is to prevent a dagger in your backside and he will give you a potion in exchange. Go upstairs and give the potion to Kirinhale. If you talk to Riggilo after this he will attack.

Durlag's Tower Level 4 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Level 4

Upper Level 4 (AR0505)Edit

There are no floor traps on this level, but again there are still numerous items you can collect.

Kirinhale and RiggiloEdit

In the western most room is Kirinhale. You can refuse her requests in which case she will attack, or offer to help her out of her predicament. She wants to be freed from a curse. Take the lock of her hair she gives you and go down to the third floor. Give the hair to Riggilo. When you go back up to the fourth floor, give the potion Riggilo gave you to Kirinhale and she will teleport out.

After you free her, if you're quick and brutal, you can kill her before she manages to teleport out. The best way to do this is station a thief with high strength and a good backstab multiplier right behind her while hidden. If you have two thieves, have both of them do it. Station your other party members within easy striking distance as well. Whichever character is going to be speaking first rather than attacking first, station that character directly in front of her, as close as you can to her. Quicksave at this point. While the game is paused, have all your party members who are going to be attacking initiate their attacks, and have the speaking member initiate conversation. Once all characters are assigned their task, unpause the game. The speaking character's action should be faster than any attack, so conversation will preempt the battle. The moment the conversation is over with, though, the two backstabs should go through first to start the fight, followed by the attacks of the rest of the party. Also at this point, have your speaker join in the fight. If you can dish out enough damage fast enough, you can kill Kirinhale before she completes her teleport spell. This means you get the XP for freeing her, plus the XP for killing her.

Durlag's Tower Cellar (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Cellar

Cellar (AR0501)Edit

North in the center circle there is a hidden door that will take you down to the lower levels. To the west there is a room with a few ghasts, and watch out as the space between the archway to the west is trapped. The archway at the south is also trapped.

The BasementEdit

The tower's basement tells the story of the dwarven hero Durlag Trollkiller and is much harder to complete than the upper levels. There is plenty of potions, ammo, coin and artefacts to obtain here, but doing so without disarm and unlock skills can be challenging. There are dozens of traps to deal with and as above, the vast majority of containers are trapped and locked as well.

This area is not for the feint of heart or those of low level. You have been warned.

Note: Throughout the basement several wardstones are required to navigate the many rooms and from level to level. They are considered gems and therefore can be put into a Gem Bag.
Durlag's Tower Basement 1 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Basement 1

Basement Level 1 (AR0511)Edit

Main article: Durlag's Tower (Second Subterranean Level)

The second subterranean level contains level 1 of the Durlag's Tower dungeon. There are four warders representing weaknesses of the warrior, as seen by Durlag. Each require a task to be completed, presented in the form of a riddle. Once all four have been completed a fight will follow and the wardstone to proceed to level two can be obtained from one of the corpses.

The 4 warders are standing around the table as depicted here:

  Avarice            Fear
          |       |
          |       |
          |       |
          |       |
    Pride            Love

Basement Level 2 (AR0512)Edit


Durlag's Tower Basement 2; Door numbers

Main article: Durlag's Tower (Third Subterranean Level)

There are many doors and switches here and a lot of potions and ammo as loot. Navigating the doors is outlined in this guide and if followed one should not need the lever room behind door number 9, which controls all doors.

There are dozens of traps on this level and navigating it without a thief with maxed detect trap skill will consume a lot of healing power.

Basement Level 3 (AR0513)Edit

Durlag's Tower Basement 3 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Basement 3

Main article: Durlag's Tower (Fourth Subterranean Level)

Completion of this level of the tower requires you to choose one of three paths leading to a hallway with four more doors, where you must defeat four elemental guardians. You only need to complete one of the initial three paths to reach the guardians. After choosing one path, the other two remain open, allowing you to collect the items and experience, but progress is not dependent upon this.

Durlag's Tower Basement 4 (treasure)

Durlag's Tower Basement 4

Basement Level 4 (AR0514)Edit

Main article: Durlag's Tower (Fifth Subterranean Level)

This is the final level in the basement and consists of various regions each with a character that has a wardstone. The secondary objective is to obtain those wardstones to gain access to new areas. The primary objective however is to gain understanding about Durlag Trollkiller's predicament and why he still haunts this place, long after his demise.

This all leads to a rather difficult fight with the Demon Knight.


  • In the console release of the Enhanced Edition, it is currently impossible to return to the chessboard, and thus also basement level 4, after being teleported there once. Players are advised to go there with minimal inventory and clear the entire floor on their first visit, carrying out anything they intend to take out with them.

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