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AR0500BG1worldmap Durlag's Tower is one of the areas from the World Map.

Durlag's Tower is an area added by the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. Surviving in the area of Durlag's Tower is not really hard, but the building is one of the most difficult areas in the game, especially the underground levels. They are filled with traps, monsters, and many encounters are deadly (even for max-level parties) without good tactics. It is recommended to have at least one Thief with a high find/disarm traps skill and a full party with many different classes. Those willing to brave Durlag's Tower will find many unique treasures inside.

If the party thief doesn't have high enough skills, the thief can be buffed with Potions of Perception and/or Potions of Power if needed, the former of which are sold by Erdane. Such potions can also be looted during the exploration of the tower.


The tower comprises a ground floor, three additional upper floors, and even more underground levels.

From the ground floor, the party can either go down to the cellar, or up to the second floor. By going up, adventurers can access both the roof of the tower, which has a lower and an upper part, and the third floor. From the latter one, the top floor can be reached.

Going down to the cellar is the way to gain access to four underground levels which are more difficult and intricate than the above ground floors: labyrinths level one, two, three, and four.



  • Basilisk - several atop the tower
  • Battle Horror - (3) two on the way to the main entrance and one on the wall that surrounds the tower
  • Doom Guard - one up a flight of stairs to the right of the main entrance
  • Doppelganger - randomly spawned, wandering the area, usually at night
  • Gnoll - several may appear while you are sleeping
  • Skeleton - several on the surrounding wall and a few possibly lurking on the tower grounds


Notable Enemies



Note: All of these begin in Ulgoth's Beard

Notable Loot[]

Note: For a complete list of the treasure found throughout the tower see Durlag's Tower (treasure)
  • Arla's Dragonbane, a sling +3, found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • Cloak of the Shield, a cloak which provides protection against missile and physical attacks. Found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • Durlag's Goblet, fully heals the user but bestows fear for 12 in-game hours, works great with Kiel's Helmet and fear immunity classes such as Blackguard. Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
    Enhanced Edition
    This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
    Found on the floor on labyrinth level two.
  • Helmet of Opposite Alignment, a cursed helmet that will invert the wearer's alignment. Found on the Demon Knight.
  • Karajah's Life and Death, a +3 leather armor, found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • Kiel the Legion Killer's gear which consists of his helmet, morning star, and buckler. Found on labyrinth level two.
  • Krotan's Skullcrusher, a mace +2, found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • Pellan's Shield, a large shield +2, found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • Rashad's Talon, a scimitar +2, found on top of the roof hidden in a chimney pipe.
  • Soultaker Dagger, a normal 1d4 dagger, but a necessary item that is required to complete the Recovering "Soultaker" quest. Found on the Demon Knight.
  • Staff Spear, a quaterstaff +2 carried by Kirinhale on the fourth floor.
  • Staff of Striking, a quarterstaff +3, found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • The Burning Earth, a burning longsword +1 which is extra effective against regenerative, cold-using, and undead creatures. Found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level four.
  • The Practical Defense, the second best set of plate mail armor in the game. Found in a trap-locked chest on labyrinth level one.
  • The World's Edge, a two-handed sword +3. Found on the King piece.
  • Tome of Understanding, found on a trapped altar on the second floor.
  • Wizard Slayer, a magical axe that deals Miscast Magic, found in a trapped fountain on labyrinth level three.

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