This is a monument to the dwarven hero Durlag. It is a sword that has been fused into the rock and cannot be removed.[1]

The Two Handed Sword +2 'Durlag's Pride' can be found on the first laybrinth level beneath the tower of Durlag Trollkiller, over a pool of water in the west of the area, right across from the reading room. Though not obtainable as an actual weapon during the Tales of the Sword Coast, Durlag will speak through it instead, making it possible to solve one of the four warders' riddles.

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Durlag's Tower[edit | edit source]

It came to pass that the hero Durlag and his man-at-arms, Arlo Stoneblade, ventured into the bowels of the Great Rift. They fought the hideous tanar'ri Aec'Letec and, with a single blow of his axe, Durlag slew the demon's body and entrapped its soul in an enchanted dagger.[2]

Searching the first labyrinth level beneath Durlag's Tower for clues to solve the riddles of the Four Warders, Gorion's Ward finds a circular reading room in the far west of the area.

And Durlag moved through the Troll Mountains killing all of the foul beasts...[3]

Four books are presented here, to praise the glory of the Trollkiller.

Vissilithysmee was no match for the mighty Durlag. The dragon's spells could not harm him, and her breath was as a gentle breeze to Durlag.[4]

After having read all four of them, "a humming sound" can be heard and "a glow [comes] from across the hallway".[5]

Like a god of battle, Durlag waded into the drow horde, slaying thousands...[6]

When looking for the source of the glow and crossing the corridor, a pool of water with a rock in it offers sanctuary[7] to a large sword which suddenly will speak:

You have raised my deeds in glory and my sword now glows with pride.[8]

This is worth a note in the journal:

It seems that by causing the sword to glow I have completed some sort of task.

— Durlag's Tower[9]

When later talking to the warder at the western corner of the central lift, the "warrior's fate" will reveal his true name – PRIDE, "the curse of this place" – before leaving for now, not without rewarding the party with two thousand experience points.[10][11]

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