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Most powerful of drow, forgive my insolence in speaking before being told to do so, but I must beg your attention a moment.

Duergar Slave is a dwarf sized male who will approach the party on the Ust Natha Entry platform, or also known as the Bazaar.


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After rescuing Phaere from the Illithid task is complete, the duergar slave will approach the Party and make verbal contact with a request for his master.

Various dialogue options are available with the slave. He'll try and answer any questions the party has about who his master is, and what it wants, and if the duergar is being harmed and other things. However, if you do not agree to speak with the master in the tank of water nearby you will be warned. In fact, he may say:

"Come close to him, and he will speak to your mind. It is the way of his kind. Please do not tarry. He will announce an alarm to the city if you keep him waiting."

If you ever say to the Slave "The words come from your mouth, not his. You dare threaten me?! You are dead!" or should you attack the duergar, then the slave will say:

"Then my master is sorry, but you are... oh my... you are no drow! The alarm is sounded! You are no drow!"

In effect, not agreeing to go to the master will eventually lead to the City Alarm script being enabled. All potential quests are now impossible to get, Adalon's eggs are forever gone, and further dealings with the drow city inhabitants will treat you as enemies. You have failed to accomplish much of chapter 5 of the saga. The player can try and Reload from a saved game or press on and attempt to and find a way out of the under dark.