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This Drunken Cleric of Talso is sittin' on his duff, quaffin' a cuppa Baalor ale in the southwestern part of the Athkatla Graveyard.


According to Uncle Lester this priest played his drunken part in botching Lestor's funeral service by taking "a few coppers to slur some lines of profanity to pass for a eulogy! The outrage! The sheer outrage!" Perhaps because of the cleric's intoxicated ineptitude and "The sheer outrage...the insufferable indignity!!" of the lately departed, Lester has risen from his grave to attack his nearby nephew Nevin.

Meanwhile, the cleric is still "deep in his cups" like many of the other "poor ol' sods" you may have previously encountered in Baldur's Gate city's dock-side watering hole, Joplin's Tavern. As such, he doesn't have much to say to help put Uncle Lester back to his "rest" in the grave.

However, he does have these, slurred pearls of inebriation:

  • "One for Talos (gulp). One for me (gulp)."
  • "Lester's a good man. Just won't stay dead... where's that Baalor Ale?"


  • He is a 10th level Cleric, but only has 7 hit points.


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