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Drow gate guardians are a group of drow and other guardians posted before the main gate that leads out of the Underdark. This gate is located in a specific cavern within the Western Tunnels. For information regarding dialogue and specific choices about this group see the area article and gameplay section.

This page is to document the group composition, as well as popular mod content composition, as well as some expected combat information.


The drow gate guardian group have unique creature file names and numbers that are only used at this game location, so in that sense they are a one-time unique encounter.

Assuming the party engages in combat with the group - listed below are a summary of the group's abilities and description:

Drow Warrior Leader Level 9 Fighter (UDDOOR02.cre):
STR 9, DEX 9, CON 9, INT 9, WIS 9, CHA 9; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 90, Final AC -4, Final THAC0 5, Saving Throws 8/10/9/9/11
3 Attacks Per Round, 1d8+4 Missile Damage (Drow Crossbow of Speed and Drow Bolt of Stunning)
68% Magic Resistance
Secondary weapon is Drow Long Sword
Equips the Archer's Eyes amulet if imported from Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
Group spokesperson with dialogue

Drow Rogue Level 14 Thief (UDDOOR08.cre):
STR 17, DEX 19, CON 9, INT 9, WIS 9, CHA 9; AL Neutral Evil
HP 59, Final AC 4, Final THAC0 15, Saving Throws 10/8/9/13/9
1 Attack Per Round, 1d6+1 Piercing Damage (Short Sword)
Begins the battle invisible due to Nymph's tear ICOMPO1400000Undroppable item
This icon indicates an item that cannot be dropped or stolen.
130% Stealth used by script
X5 Backstab modifier

Drow Wizard Level 18 Conjurer (UDDOOR05.cre):
STR 10, DEX 10, CON 11, INT 18, WIS 16, CHA 10; AL Lawful Evil
HP 68, Final AC 9, Final THAC0 10, Saving Throws 10/5/7/9/1
1 Attack Per Round, 1d6 Crushing Damage (Quarterstaff)
Carries 3 rich Random treasure
Opening Spell Buffs: Stoneskin, Spell Turning, Protection From Electricity (spell), Mirror Image
Scripted Reaction Contingency:
Vocalize, Spell Turning, Mirror Image, Mislead
Second Scripted Contingency:
Stoneskin, Fireshield (Red), Improved Invisibility
Scripted Spells on timed interval:
Remove Magic, True Sight, Symbol, Stun, Chain Lightning, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Power Word, Kill, Power Word, Stun, Finger of Death (wizard), Flesh to Stone, Disintegrate, Chaos, Wyvern Call, Shadow Door, Animate Dead, Spider Spawn, Magic Missile, Flame Arrow, Melf's Acid Arrow.

Drow Priestess Level 18 Cleric (UDDOOR06.cre):
STR 13, DEX 15, CON 9, INT 14, WIS 18, CHA 13; AL Lawful Evil
HP 90, Final AC 4, Final THAC0 13, Saving Throws 4/8/7/10/9
No weapons or armor
Opening Spell Buffs: Regeneration (spell), Defensive Harmony, Death Ward, Blade Barrier
Scripted Reaction Spells:
Silence, 15' Radius at detected spell casters
Sunray at summoned creatures
Mass Cure if damaged below 80%
Heal if severely hurt
Scripted additional buffs:
Cloak of Fear, Free Action (spell), Righteous Magic
Physical Mirror Scripted Spells on timed interval:
Symbol, Fear (priest), Flame Strike, True Seeing, Hold Person (priest), Charm Person

Skeleton Warrior (×2) Level 10 Skeleton (UDDOOR07.cre):
STR 18, DEX 9, CON 9, INT 16, WIS 9, CHA 9; AL Neutral
HP 59, Final AC 3, Final THAC0 10, Saving Throws 9/11/10/10/12
3 Attacks Per Round, 1d6+3 Crushing Damage (Magic Club)
100% resistance to Cold damage and Electricity damage, 30% resistant to Missile damage
Equipped with Nymph's tear ICOMPO1400000Undroppable item
This icon indicates an item that cannot be dropped or stolen.
Buckler +1 and the RING95.ITM for undead immunities.


The creature files did not assign innate drow magic resistance to the wizard, priestess or thief. This is an oversight. The drow priestess has no equipment. The drow leader has a female appearance but is a male gender in the files. This is known as 'binary' code. The drow rogue has no proficiency with his primary short sword weapon.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes changes to these creatures and adds to their numbers. SCS AI scripts are added to all creatures for smarter tactical behavior, threat recognition and opponent vulnerability assessment. Healing potions will be quaffed when damage reaches a predetermined threshold. Other potions for boosting performance are also available and scripted for use.

The mod adds two Glabrezu (Shadows of Amn) demons to the guardian group. The demons will use their "Improved Fiends" scripts, to include innate spell casting during battle (which are instant and can't be interrupted). Expect an innate Mirror Image at the outset of battle from both demons.

The Skeleton Warriors are replaced by two Stone Golem creatures. The golems will use their Golem Slow innate ability when within the correct distance of any enemy, then melee fight.

The Drow Warrior now has 5 pips in crossbow weapon proficiency, and two in Longsword. Several potions are available for healing and boosting performance.

The Drow Wizard may now be an Invoker, and will begin with a group of (previously cast) spells to include Shadow Door, Spell Trap, Spell Shield, Mirror Image, SI Abjuration (or Dispelling Screen with the SR mod, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Protection From The Elements, Stoneskin, Protection From Normal Missiles, and Non-Detection. The mage has a prepared minor sequencer, spell sequencer and spell trigger, which will be used instantly depending on the AI's threat recognition script. At the high end of the spells the wizard can use, there is a Bigby's Clenched Fist, Time Stop and a Comet HLA. The wizard can cast Remove Magic and Breach. If given enough time it will cast Mordenkainen's Sword. If any summoned party creatures are detected, the wizard can cast Death Spell.

The Drow Priestess is furnished with a Drow Flail and Drow Full Plate +5. Will open up with a set of {previously cast) self-buffs, including Regeneration (spell), Blade Barrier, Armor of Faith, Magic Resistance (spell), Protection From Fire (priest), Physical Mirror, Free Action (spell), and Chaotic Commands. Will attempt to conjure a Aerial Servant and then a Skeleton Warrior. Further spell casting will be determined based on the opponent's protections and vulnerabilities.

The Drow Rogue is increased to two, and they are now assigned Assassin kits. They begin combat invisible, will backstab, and use their Poison Weapon ability. The backstab modifier is now X6. Several potions are available for quaffing, such as healing and oil of speed. The rogues are now proficient in short sword and 1 pip in single weapon fighting style.

And finally, the mod adds two more drow to the group. One is a level 14 Conjurer, and the other is a level 10/9 Fighter-Cleric (armed and armored). Both will cast their SCS (previously cast) buffs as usual - and then go on the offensive.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed all spells cast will be the SR versions, and all summoned or gated creatures will be also.

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