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Drow Warrior (Underdark) are typical Drow Fighters that will be included as part of the Ust Natha forces present in the Underdark, or a war party, or even an encounter such as the Drow Ambush. The drow warriors are similar but may be equipped differently. Drow warriors clad in Drow Full Plate and equipped with a Drow Shield can have a very tough armor class to hit for mid-level party fighters and other classes. Drow warriors armed with Drow Crossbow of Speed and Drow Bolts will fire 2.5 missiles per round. Variations seen are:

  • Level 9 Fighter with Drow Full Plate +5 and Drow Flail +3
  • Level 9 Fighter with Drow Full Plate +5, Drow Shield +3 and Drow Flail +3
  • Level 9 Fighter with Drow Full Plate +5, Drow Long Sword +3, Drow Crossbow of Speed +3 and Drow Bolt +1 and or Drow Bolt of Stunning
  • Level 9 Fighter with Drow Full Plate +5 and Drow Halberd +3 (Executioner Matron's Guard)
  • Level 11 Fighter with Drow Full Plate and Drow Lance +3 (Ritual Guard)
  • Level 8 Fighter with Helmet, Drow Elven Chain +3 and Drow Long Sword +3

Note that some of strength statistics provided to the warriors are not consistent with the minimum required for a player or party member. It does not cause any penalties to the creatures however, but many of the warriors have no bonuses either since all the stats are straight 9's across the board, which is decidedly mediocre and unlikely for a Drow Warrior. None of the drow warriors have any assigned fighting styles, such as single-weapon, two-handed weapon or sword and shield.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes a few changes to these creatures. This is normally done by accepting and installing the "Improved Drow" component. This will address the original games' lapses or omissions in the actual creature files and changes them to what they probably should be. Examples include giving them an SCS default AI for much better tactical combat and smarter decision-making behavior. Weapon proficiencies and weapon styles are assigned commensurate with the creature's class and experience level, just like a party member would be able to have.

For warriors, Drow fighters and other classes will have boosted strength and dexterity values to reflect that the best of Ust Natha's forces would be strong enough to wield a flail, or wear full plate armor, and quick enough to fire a crossbow and hit something accurately. Many Drow Fighters are also provided with the HELMNOAN.ITM as well to protect against critical hits.

This means that an SCS Drow warrior will have slightly boosted Attacks per round, and improved THAC0 and weapon damage. If Fighting styles are applied, then a improved Armor Class.