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Die, one and all!

Drow Servant (Mage) is found within Qilue's Home and will attempt to attack any intruders. There are three of these wizards present in Qilue's home. One is located on the entry platform with Qilue, and two others are further within on the lower platform.


The Drow Servant mage is armed only with a quarterstaff and wear no armor. Clearly, they aren't expecting a hostile group of intruders. When hostilities begin, the creature will launch a group of protective buffs (which cannot be interrupted, to include: Stoneskin, Globe of Invulnerability, Protection From Magical Weapons and Protection From Normal Missiles. If silenced they will self-cast Vocalize. A True Sight will be attempted as well. More self buffs may follow including Spell Turning. An Additional Stoneskin will be applied if the first is removed or consumed.

Afterwards, if still able to fight, the drow will try and summon a Invisible Stalker and Spider Spawn for assistance, and then direct some spell casts at closest detected party members, such as Symbol, Fear (wizard), Sunfire if engaged in melee, and Power Word, Stun. If time allows a Shadow Door may be applied to self as well. Other offensive damage spells and disabling spells are scripted for use, such as Disintegrate, and Finger of Death (wizard). If the party has summoned creatures expect a Death Spell to banish them.

A Ruby Ray of Reversal is scripted to be cast at party members with spell protection magic active.

Melee combat ability by this servant is very weak and isn't a real threat. They are unskilled in quarterstaff use, and are mages, so really can't strike anything in combat anyway.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes a few changes to this creature. The Mage now has a Necromancer Kit. One pip in Quarterstaff weapon proficiency is assigned. Depending on what components are installed, the creature will have a Minor Sequencer and Spell Sequencer prepared for instant use. More spells and some different ones are memorized, but no level 8 spells, correcting the base game's oddity. A default SCS mage AI script is installed for "Smarter Mage" behavior. An SCS random treasure is in the creature's inventory as well.

The mage will begin hostilities by launching a {previously cast) self-protections including: Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Deflection, SI: Abjuration or "Dispelling Screen" with SR, Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, Spirit Armor and Stoneskin.

An Animate Dead spell will be cast immediately after. Additional defensive, summoning, offensive and disabling spells will be attempted based the AI's threat and opponent vulnerability assessments. Expect Remove Magic attempts and various minor and spell sequencers for instant deployed spells.

If the Spell Revisions Mod is installed, the drow's memorized spells will be the SR versions.

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