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Drow Servant (Fighter/Mage) is found within Qilue's Home and will attempt to attack any intruders. A F/M Drow servant is present at the entrance to the home, and another is further within on a lower platform.


The F/M Drow Servant is armed only with a quarterstaff and wear no armor. Clearly, they aren't expecting a hostile group of intruders. When hostilities begin, the creature will attempt to raise some defensive and other buffs, including Protection From Normal Weapons, Mirror Image, Haste, and Protection From Normal Missiles.

Afterwards, if still able to fight, the drow will try and summon a Lesser Fire Elemental for assistance, and then direct some spell casts at closest detected party members, such as Power Word, Sleep, Hold Person (wizard), and Polymorph Other. If time allows a Fireshield (Red) may be applied to self as well. That is all the creature can cast by script.

Melee combat ability by this servant is very weak and isn't a real threat. Despite being a level 12 mage, the creature is assigned a level 10 mage spell choices, and thus has no access to level 6 wizard spells.


As the assigned weapon proficiency for the F/M is Spear weapons, the use of its Quarterstaff will be unskilled in combat. This is probably a developer oversight.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes a few changes to this creature. The Fighter/Mage's base THAC0 is corrected to 9. Depending on what components are installed, the creature will have a Minor Sequencer prepared for instant use. More spells and some different ones are memorized, commensurate with a 12th level mage experience level. A default SCS mage AI script is installed for "Smarter Mage" behavior. The mod did nothing to fix the weapon proficiency bug. An SCS random treasure is in the creature's inventory as well.

The modded creature will launch a group of uninterruptible buffs (previously cast) to include Mirror Image, Improved Haste, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Minor Spell Deflection, Shield (spell) and Stoneskin.

Offensive and disabling as well creature summoning spells are possible, and the choices made are determined by the AI's enemy threat assessment and vulnerabilities detected. A power word spell, Disintegrate, Magic Missile or Chromatic Orb or Cone of Cold can be attempted. Some will differ if the SCS Icewind Dale spell component is installed, such as "Icelance" or "Vitriolic Sphere".

When in a bind, or if its buffs are removed the creature may deploy its prepared Minor Sequencer to launch another Mirror Image and Shield spells on self.

If the Spell Revisions Mod is installed, the drow's memorized spells will be the SR versions.

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