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Drow Patrol (Underdark) is a mostly unavoidable encounter that is spawned by a party member passing a certain hidden proximity trigger mark on the map in the Underdark. This script is called HIGHLEVEL and in turn launches SPWNDROW.BCS.

In the name of Lolth, we fight!

— Drow Warrior battle cry

Once triggered, the game looks at the experience points accrued by the Player Character and the game difficulty setting to determine what spawns will appear in the encounter. The higher the difficulty setting, the more spawned enemies. If the PC has 400,000 XP, or over 999,999 XP also changes the types of creatures in the spawned Drow Patrol. On the Highest game difficulty setting, "Legacy of Bhaal" or "Insane" with SCS, then the most challenging spawn will be initiated regardless of the PC's experience level.

This patrol will spawn near the Drow Soul Prison device (slightly south of it) in the Underdark caverns, and they will appear well out of sight of the party member who triggers the spawn. Note that a Wizard Eye will also trigger the Drow Patrol spawn.

This hostile Drow Patrol party is composed of various Drow Warriors, Drow Wizards and Drow Priestesses, with differing experience levels. equipment, spells and skills: The exact numbers and group composition varies. The following drow types can be found as part of the Drow Patrol:

An example of the Drow Patrol composition on Legacy of Bhaal game difficulty would be:

The game only uses these creatures once, and just for this particular encounter spawn.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes changes to these creatures. SCS AI scripts are added where appropriate, and spell casters have revised spells memorized including sequencers and or instant cast triggers to reflect the patrol group being prepared and self-buffed, depending on installed components. Weapon proficiencies and skills might be assigned or revised on some creatures. See the individual creature pages for more details.

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