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Note: If you kill without authorization or get caught stealing (whether merchant or random person) not only can it draw out Drow enforcers, but it will also negate your disguise and make every Drow in the city hostile, including quest givers you may have gained favor with.

The Drow Beast Merchant (refereed to as Drow in the game) is a male mage open for business selling various captured creatures for coin. His stock is limited at the moment, but it may provide an interesting purchase.

I greet you, <MALE/FEMALE>, in the name of the Spider Queen and all the glory that is Ust Natha, the First City. Would you care to take a look at the wares I have available?

If any of the beasts are purchased, then for a limited time, the creatures will be under command and obey the party (behaving similar to a summoned creature).

The beasts will be able to travel anywhere on the main Ust Natha map but won't be able to transition through doors/gates into other maps (such as the Temple of Lolth or leave the city for the underdark). The party can enter another area, and the party's purchased beast(s) will remain on the Ust Natha map, wherever they were last positioned. The creatures cannot explore and remove the fog of war on their own. The creatures remain under the party control until a standard rest period is taken (such as staying at the tavern). After that, the creatures are hostile - but only to the party.

Strategic use of these creatures could come in handy if planning on rampaging and fighting the drow city at the end of the The Drow Summoning Ritual quest.

Slaughtering the beasts in their cages is possible, and there is no reaction from the beast merchant if this done, even though they are property of the merchant, and one would think if that occurred, he'd be upset and demand compensation for destroying his stock. But nothing happens.

Store content[]

Captured slave beasts[]


  • Of note is that use of one of these creatures was a planned method to satisfy the Overseer Handmaiden demand for compensation in The Trapped Genie encounter. The game gives no clues about this, and the player may never even know about it. In the end, due to a coding error (which still hasn't been fixed) the dialogue options to offer a purchased beast to the Handmaiden does not trigger properly.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.


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