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Drizzt Do'Urden is a drow and a great hero in the Forgotten Realms. In every appearance in Baldur's Gate games he wields his trademark scimitars Icingdeath and Twinkle, and wears a Mithral Chain Mail.


(Dritst Doe-URR-den) Drizzt the dark elf (Chaotic Good, Drow Elf Male, Ranger 16th level). A renegade drow ranger who has escaped the oppressive regime of his underground homeland, Drizzt Do’Urden is among the most famous of drow in the Realms owing to his deeds on the surface. He may be found abroad while engaged in acts of daring, particularly in rolling back the tribes of goblins and evil humans in the North. His fame and hatred of his former homeland has made him a target of other drow who hope to earn favor with their evil goddess Lolth by killing the renegade. Drizzt wears mithril chain mail +4, a gift of King Bruenor. He wields two magical scimitars simultaneously. These scimitars are Icingdeath, a frostbrand +3, and Twinkle, a defender +5, which glows when enemies are near. His most prized possession is a figurine of wondrous power of an onyx panther. The panther’s name is Guenhwyvar. He doesn’t use the panther unless severely taxed, as he is limited to using it for a certain period of time each day.

— Volothamp Geddarm, Sword Coast Survival Guide

Baldur's Gate[]


Drizzt can be found fighting off gnolls in Fisherman's Lake (2612, 2142). He asks the player for help in fending them off, though he obviously does not actually need it.


Pickpocket Drizzt in BG1:

  • In non-EE versions of the game, Drizzt can be pickpocketed rather than killed, but be careful with saving and reloading if you attempt to steal after all dialogue has been exhausted with him, as he will disappear even after re-loading. The only item that can be taken is Icingdeath.
  • In BG1 EE it is no longer possible to pickpocket him. [1]

Tactics for killing Drizzt in BG1:

  • Get Drizzt's attention (click on him, then stop the party's movement) to make him stop walking. Stand your NPC party members around him in a tight circle, then remove those NPCs from your party. He will be unable to get out from behind the NPCs to attack your main character. Attack him with ranged weapons, or long-reach melee weapons like Spears, Halberds, or Quarter Staves.[2]
  • Put all party members but one on the island. Approach and pull Drizzt towards the shore with a sacrificial sixth companion. Drizzt will attempt unsuccessfully to walk toward your party, and you can kill him with ranged weapons. Note that this will not work if the 'path nodes' setting is much higher than 2000, as Drizzt will be able to find his way around to the island.[2]
  • Bring a Stealthed Thief in range of Drizz't so the party Cleric (level 5 or better) can target Drizz't with some summoned Skeletons (Animate Dead). Tell the skeletons to attack, and immediately pull the Thief back. Wait some time and the critical hits will eventually kill him.
    • Will not work in BG:EE, as Drizzt will speak to your party members even if Stealthed, which engages his ability to attack.
  • If the party is evil, you can taunt Drizzt from the start and say you'll help the Gnolls. On occasion, he may ignore the Gnolls completely and only go for your party. If this happens, the Gnolls may surround him and keep him from moving, and Drizzt won't retaliate against them. Leave the Gnolls alive to help kill Drizzt, or put them to sleep to keep them from possibly drawing his attention. Confirmed to work inBaldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
    Enhanced Edition
    This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
    . Doesn't work on the Nintendo Switch Edition. Drizzt will kill the Gnolls first no matter what.
  • You can also let the gnolls kill Drizzt. Simply tell him that you will help, and when the fight begins, initiate dialogue repeatedly. The gnolls will only hit on natural 20s, so it will take a while, but you can just stand to the side and laugh.
    • Does not work as of EE patch 2.6: Drizzt will fight back against the gnolls off-screen.
  • Use Invisibility and stand at the edge of vision of Drizzt. He won't start conversation since you are invisible, but the gnolls will start attacking him (he just stays still doing nothing). After about 10 minutes you can loot his dead corpse.
    • Does not work in BG:EE: Drizzt will speak with you even if invisible or stealthed.
  • Higher level parties may summon a group of minions (e.g. skeletons). Equip your entire party with ranged weapons, and buff heavily and haste before initiating contact. While he's busy dealing with the gnolls and the trash minions, pelt him with arrows. He takes a while to go down, but the wall of weak enemies will keep him away from your party.
  • Have one character get close enough to see a Gnoll but not enough for Drizzt to see you (turn on auto-pause on enemy detection to make things easier). Doing this will trigger the Gnoll to attack Drizzt, but Drizzt won't fight back. You can make a big circle around Drizzt's location to trigger more Gnolls to make things go quicker, as long as you are careful never to get seen by Drizzt. This will let you get his equipment without losing 10 reputation but you don't get his EXP either.
    • Confirmed to work inBaldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
      Enhanced Edition
      This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
      (Does not work in EE as of patch 2.6). Doesn't work on the Nintendo Switch Edition. Drizzt starts killing the Gnolls off-screen.
  • Have one party member act as a distraction for Drizzt by running in a circle around the party at the edge of missile weapon range. While Drizzt is chasing this party member the rest of the party attacks Drizzt with missile weapons. This is much easier to do if you already have The Paws of the Cheetah to aid in distracting Drizzt. (Just be careful: Drizzt will attack whoever is closest. If you run one pixel too far away from him compared to one of your firing squad members he will instead target them.
  • Drizzt's AC is -16, which is very difficult to hit without careful preparation.
  • Coran, the best archer available, can reach THAC0 -3 with optimal equipment (Level 7 fighter, Dead Shot, Arrows of Piercing, Dale's Protector, Helm of Balduran). Rolling 13 is enough, 40% of arrows will hit Drizzt.
  • With 2 Potions of Mind Focusing, 1 Potion of Power, and the spell Bless, THAC0 is -8, rolling 8 is enough, 65% of arrows hit.
  • Using the scroll of Champion's Strength from Durlag's Tower, THAC0 is -11, rolling 5 is enough, 80% of arrows hit.
  • If your main character is a mage and you have a familiar you can simply move your familiar to Drizzt. He can not start a conversation with it for it only speaks to its master, but it will trigger the gnolls. Drizzt will not attack the gnolls so you can simply watch him die and loot his corpse. Once he dies get your familiar out of there because the gnolls will attack it after Drizzt dies.
    • As with previous methods, does not work as of EE patch 2.6.
  • As of Enhanced Edition Patch 2.6, which caused Drizzt to fight back against the gnolls off-screen before he talks to the player, the only three ways to reliably kill Drizzt are the 'firing squad' method with one person running in a circle to distract him, using a Thief's Set Snare ability, or using long-lasting summons escorted by a wizard eye. Any Thief can use Set Snare to set up to 7 traps on one map. The main character need not be a Thief or a Bounty Hunter for this method to work. Baldur's Gate 1 has plenty of Thief companions and it only requires 1 to set 7 traps. Any Thief wearing The Brawling Hands has a minimum of 5 points in Set Snare, which is only a 5% chance to successfully set a trap but can be done with save-scumming (alternatively recruit one Thief companion and have them as the dedicated Drizzt slayer and dump their points into Set Traps). To expedite the process and avoid having to rest and risk random encounters destroying your traps, just remove said Thief from the party and re-recruit them which re-applies their class kit thus refreshing their uses of Set Snare. With 7 traps on the map each dealing 2d8+5 damage you will average 98 damage from traps, which is more than enough to kill Drizzt. The only requirement is either taunting Drizzt before his fight with the gnolls or attacking him from afar to turn him hostile so he walks into the trap pile. If the party has access to Wizard Eye and the ability to summon creatures (Animate Dead (wizard) is especially effective due to the long duration of that spell), then it is possible to have the wizard eye escort a group of summons to Drizzt and instruct them to attack. As long as the party stays well away, Drizzt will not fight back and will eventually fall to critical hits.
    • If you are on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty and on patch 2.6, this will require multiple 7-stacks of traps which can only be done if the character kiting Drizzt has the Paws of the Cheetah and can get away for the party to either lose him and be able to set more trap-stacks or run to a different map to re-enter Fisherman's Lake from a different side. 356 HP will take over 3 stacks of 7 traps to kill him.

To make Drizzt vulnerable to magic:

Single class druid (Faldorn or Gorion's Ward) can cast Magic Resistance - 1 cast at 90,000 XP, 2 casts at 125,000 XP.

The spell overwrites his MR from 98% to 18-20%, lasting 12-13 rounds (72-78 seconds).

Then saving throws can be lowered with Doom and Greater Malison.

Druid spells Call Woodland Beings and Call Lightning are useful here. Blindness or Web would also work.

  • Drizzt only drops 2 scimitars and the armor.


All I wish is to continue my journey! Friends await, while I must suffer this tiresome dance?! Does the mere mention of Drizzt attract your ilk?! Initial meeting
'Tis your lives to waste! Battlecry1
*sigh* All this chatter is fine, but I've places I'd rather be. Select1
Don't poke Drizzt! 'Tis entirely unsociable. Select2
I am a gentle man at heart. At least, while I'm not slaughtering the stupid. Select3
I've sparred with demons from the Nine Hells themselves! I shall barely break a sweat here today! Select4

Shadows of Amn[]


An illusion of Drizzt appears in the City of Caverns, created by 2 imps for their riddle game. See Riddle of the Imps.

In Chapter 6, the real Drizzt will "waylay" the party when travelling from the Elven Temple at Underdark Exit to either Athkatla City Gates, De'Arnise Keep or Small Teeth Pass. See the Encounter - Drizzt Do'Urden for more on this event.

He will be accompanied by his friends from the novels. You can ask him for help against Bodhi. Should you get help from him, he and his friends will be waiting in the north-east corner of the Lower Tombs.

The drawback to asking for Drizzt's help is that because he's such a powerful warrior, he can kill Bodhi in seconds, before the party members can touch her - meaning you receive no XP. To solve this issue, you can imprison him before the final fight with Bodhi, when you meet Drizzt again downstairs (you get 12,000 XP for this) and you can release him when you finish the fight. He is a nice guy, very easy going, and you can still be friends like nothing happened. Note that with the Sword Coast Stratagems mod and the various vampire and Bodhi enhancement components, the exact opposite will probably occur, and Drizzt can easily be killed by Bodhi, especially with no help from the party.


If the party is engaged in combat with Drizzt (this can happen in the first encounter with him), he behaves as a melee fighter, attacking the nearest detected enemy.

At the beginning of the battle Drizzt's panther companion Guenhwyvar is summoned to fight alongside as well.

Drizzt actually attacks with a special scimitar DRIZZT.ITM rather than dual wielding Twinkle and Icingdeath - although his sprite animation doesn't reveal this. His "real" weapons are added to other inventory slots so that any passive bonuses of the weapons are still retained.

Drizzt will typically apply an Oil of Speed and if able, a Potion of Stone Giant Strength.

He can also consume the Potion of Extra Healing when his HP falls to 50% of original.


Although Drizzt's loot might be tempting in Baldur's Gate 2, players will probably be unable to keep the items for long after Drizzt dies. After leaving the Lower Tombs, a Malchor Harpell will approach the party and confiscate some key items of Drizzt and companion's gear. This mage is guarded from being killed or rendered incapacitated.

Attempting to hide the gear in a bag of holding or on a shelf will not help either, as the mage will return once any dropped items are picked up. If the NPC appears a third time, he will imprison the entire party - thus ending the game. Exiting to a different area will not stop the NPC from appearing and following.

However, Malchor Harpell is still vulnerable to feeble mind and it is possible to exploit to keep the gear.


This fight will continue another day! Unhappy-break
Strike together, friends! Battlecry1
'Tis your lives to waste! Battlecry2
Yes, yes, you have my attention. Select1


You there! I recognize you! You are the scoundrel that attacked me for no good reason near Baldur's Gate and made off with my equipment!
I tell you, Bruenor, we've been on this path previously. Are you sure you know where you left it? I have no desire to keep traveling about in circles.
We are here... and right you were, I think, in asking for our aid. These crypts crawl with the undead. This shall be a difficult battle for us all.
So it ends; the evil is slain. You've done well, friend. I bid you fair journey!




Mod content[]

For the Drizzt version in BG2, the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes revisions to the drow.

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