Hulls sword

Find Hull's sword and antidote in the Candlekeep Barracks

Dreppin's Cow is a side quest in the Baldur's Gate Prologue. In "classic" Baldur's Gate, this quest was commonly referred to as Nessa's Antidote.[citation needed] Like other side quests in the prologue, its purpose is more to teach the mechanics of the game than to earn the meagre rewards available at this stage.

Nessa the cow is not very well and her caretaker Dreppin would like you to help out by stealing a potion of Antidote from Hull's chest in the Barracks. This is very easy as the chest is unlocked, you run no risk of being arrested, and Hull will even direct you to the trunk if you talk to him.

Once you have the Antidote talk to Dreppin (if you didn't talk to him before, you'll have to talk to him 3 times) and he'll take the potion from you, and you get 50 xp.

Note: 50 xp is a very low price for an antidote potion. They are rather expensive for a beginner party's purse and only available in limited quantity in the early chapters of the game. Many a would-be hero has died in the forests of the Cloakwood with the last words: If I only had one more antidote!

You might want to consider leaving this quest unfinished, and keeping the antidote for yourself. This may even be the lesson that this quest is meant to teach. Don't worry about Nessa, it's rather doubtful that poison is what's ailing her anyway.


  • Triggered By: Speaking with Dreppin (twice)
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Dreppin's Cow
  • Entry Title: Dreppin's Cow
  • Quest Begins:
    Nessa the Cow is feeling a bit under the weather today. Dreppin's asked me to get a potion of antidote from Hull, who's been posted to the gate this morning. It appears that Hull has been using them to avoid his morning hangovers...
  • Quest Completed:
    Well, I found that potion for Dreppin's cow. I just hope it's what he thinks it is and not a potion of firebreath or something...