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Dreppin's Cow, also known as Dreppin and Nessa the cow,[1] is a side quest during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate.

Nessa the Cow is feeling a bit under the weather today. Dreppin's asked me to get a potion of antidote from Hull, who's been posted to the gate this morning. It appears that Hull has been using them to avoid his morning hangovers...

— Journal: Dreppin's Cow[3]


After Phlydia's book was given back to her or simply by addressing him several times, Dreppin near Candlekeep's priests' quarters tells that the cow Nessa right beside him is "sick 'n all" and that he needs "one of them potions of antidote off Hull."[4]

Candlekeep Barracks (interior) BG1EE

Hull's bed and chest in the barracks

The latter stands guard at the keep's main gate, south of the priests' quarters and past the temple of Oghma and the storehouse. Hull has a request himself, but already knows about "old Nessa"[5] needing an antidote. That one – together with his sword, the request – can be found "in the chest at the foot of [his] bed on the right side of the barracks."[5]

The barracks are to the east, past the bunkhouse. Fetching the potion from Hull's chest and bringing it Dreppin yields experience and some thoughts from him on the iron crisis, either noting that it's good they "ain't wearin' none of that metal armor"[6] or warning to do so because of bandits if the character talking with him is equipped with chain or splint mail.[7]

Well, I found that potion for Dreppin's cow. I just hope it's what he thinks it is and not a potion of firebreath or something...

— Journal: Dreppin's Cow (Finished)[8]

Upon speaking again with Dreppin, he tells, however, that Nessa "liked that potion of Hull's [and that] she's doin' better already."[9]



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