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Dreams in Shadows of Amn will begin shortly after the start of Chapter 2. The first dream sequence occurs after several rest attempts (be it in an inn or in the open) with the second dream sequence occurring a few rests after the first and the third dream sequence happening a few rests after the second. The fourth dream takes place during the events of Chapter 4 when Gorion's Ward's bhaalspawn soul essence is stolen by Irenicus in Spellhold. The fifth dream takes place during the first rest attempt following the battle with Irenicus in Spellhold after completing Bodhi's Hunt. When this final dream ends, Gorion's Ward is now able to polymorph into the Slayer Form as a special ability.

The first, third, fourth, and fifth dream all have Imoen in them while the second dream may not involve her depending upon the dialogue choice Gorion's Ward selects. The fourth dream also has the avatar of Bhaal who appears in the form of Sarevok. The first three dreams involve interacting with Irenicus within the dream, as he is the primary “driver” of these first three dream sequences, in his attempts to get Gorion's Ward to come to grips with the Ward's true heritage and how the Ward might realize the “potential” within and “accept the gifts” offered.


The first dream takes place outside around the perimeter of the Candlekeep Library and involves people near and dear to Gorion's Ward who were encountered during the events of Baldur's Gate.

The second and third dreams take place inside the Library on the fourth floor, albeit in slightly different locations within the area.

The fourth dream is initiated in the basement of Spellhold when Gorion's Ward is placed under a spell by Irenicus during the soul theft. It takes place in the Library exterior area and inside on the ground floor. Unlike the first three dreams, it involves actual gameplay and it is possible for Gorion's Ward to die, which leads to game over.

The fifth dream takes place on the second and fourth floors of the Library and is similar to the first three dreams in that there is no gameplay interaction with any creatures.

Dream abilities in Shadows of Amn[]

If a Shadows of Amn game is started via importing Gorion's Ward from Baldur's Gate, the Ward will retain the special abilities that were gained during the dreams of the first game. Dreams in Shadows of Amn do not allow for additional abilities to be gained.

Note: The original Baldur's Gate's Ghoul Touch will be replaced by Horror.

However, a newly created protagonist, especially of neutral alignment, doesn't follow exactly the above mentioned rules. Depending on the Ward's starting reputation, determined through the initial alignment, these powers will be assigned to Gorion's Ward instead:

  • All good aligned characters (reputation ≥ 11) gain Cure Light Wounds (×2), Slow Poison (×2) and Draw Upon Holy Might (×2).
  • Lawful neutral characters (reputation = 10) gain one of each ability: Cure Light Wounds, Slow Poison, Draw Upon Holy Might, Larloch's Minor Drain, Horror and Vampiric Touch.
  • True neutral characters (reputation = 10) gain Cure Light Wounds (×2), Draw Upon Holy Might (×2) and Horror (×2).
  • Chaotic neutral characters (reputation = 10) gain Slow Poison (×2), Larloch's Minor Drain (×2) and Vampiric Touch (×2).
  • All evil aligned characters (reputation ≤ 9) gain Larloch's Minor Drain (×2), Horror (×2) and Vampiric Touch (×2).

Gorion's Ward will lose all of these abilities following the completion of the fourth dream.

Note: Non-magical abilities such as Thief or Bard abilities are not lost after Gorion's Ward soul is taken.

The First Dream[]

Scene A[]

Irenicus Dream 1A BG2EE

Imoen appears

The first dream opens on the left side of the Candlekeep Library where Gorion's Ward is approached by Imoen who initiates dialogue:

"A dream. A dream of many things, of friends and family. These things always mean something..."
"Don't they?"

Scene B[]

Irenicus Dream 1B BG2EE

Library entrance

The scene then shifts to the entrance to the Library:

"Do you remember these doors? I remember... I think..."
"Yes, this was my home for so long, but it is too late to go back. They wouldn't have you now. They wouldn't have me. Had no use..."
"Someone else does. He wants something;
I... I don't know why. Those in the cowls don't even know.
Why don't I know?"

Scene C[]

Irenicus Dream 1C BG2EE

Inner wall around the Library

Irenicus Dream 1C1 BG2EE

Statues shatter

The scene shifts to the inner wall which surrounds the Library, where three stone statues of Khalid, Elminster and Gorion are found. After the dialogue ends the three statues shatter:

"Do you remember Gorion? Or the others? I think I do. They were... no... Wait..."
"They were the guidance, and there was much more to learn, but it's too late now. They are so far away..."
"You are far away... too far away to help... Why? Memories should stay, but he digs deeper... pushes everything aside."
"I don't remember any of you."

Scene D[]

Irenicus Dream 1D BG2EE


Irenicus Dream 1D1 BG2EE

Sarevok shatters

The scene shifts back inside the inner wall where a stone statue of Sarevok is found. The statue shatters while Imoen laments her fate:

"Do you remember Sarevok? Or any other?
I... I don't know..."
"They sought your death and mine. They seemed so important at the time, but I... I don't remember them at all. Something else is..."
"Something else is more dangerous... closer... I can feel it..."
"Do you remember... me? I... I can almost see... I want to, but I... Too late. You will come too late..."

Scene E[]

Irenicus Dream 1E BG2EE

Imoen becomes stone, Irenicus appears

Irenicus Dream 1E1 BG2EE

Irenicus speaks

Imoen turns to stone while Irenicus enters the scene:

"She resists. She clings to her old life as though it actually matters. She will learn."
What is this place? What is this all about?
"It is a portrait of what has happened and what may happen. Do you cling to the past, or can you see through the pain?"
"You feel the potential within, don't you? Will you cringe from what you know you want, what you can take as your own?"
"You know what you want. It is you, after all, which has brought us to the dream. Nothing is real... yet."

The statue of Imoen shatters and Gorion's Ward falls back asleep:

The Second Dream[]

Scene A[]

Irenicus Dream 2A BG2EE

Awake in the Library

Gorion's Ward awakes on the fourth floor inside of the Candlekeep Library where Irenicus and a large number of stone statues of commoners awaits:

"Life... is strength."
"This is not to be contested; it seems logical enough. You live; you affect your world."
"But is it what *you* need? You are... different... inside."

Scene B[]

Irenicus Dream 2B BG2EE

Statue animated

Irenicus Dream 2B1 BG2EE

Animated woman

Irenicus turns and animates one of the stone statues; he talks about her life, kills her, and then talks of life forgetting her before informing Gorion's Ward of the "power" that could be within:

"This woman lives and has strength of a sort."
"She lost her parents to plague, her husband to war, but she persevered."
"Her farm has prospered, her name is respected, and her children are fed and safe. She lived as she thought she should."

Irenicus Dream 2B2 BG2EE

Woman dies

Irenicus Dream 2B3 BG2EE

Irenicus speaks

"And now, she is dead."
"Her land will be divided, her children will move on, and she will be forgotten."
"She lived a "good" life, but she had no power. She was a slave to death."
"I wonder if *you* are destined to be forgotten. Will your life fade in the shadow of greater beings?"
"You are born of murder, the very essence of that which takes life. You have power, if you wish it."

Now Gorion's Ward has two dialogue paths to choose from:

Scene C1[]

Irenicus Dream 2C1

Dimension door appears

Irenicus Dream 2C1
Irenicus Dream 2C1

Imoen appears

The first is the "good" path whereby Irenicus brings Imoen into the dream and then he speaks of how the Wards actions might affect others before telling Gorion's Ward to accept the "gifts" that are offered:

I have no interest in the horrors you offer! None of this is to be believed!
"Really? But the consequences are so very real."
"Your actions affect so many others than yourself. You will come to realize how little choice you have."
"You will do what you must, become what you must, or others will pay for your cowardice."
"You *will* accept the gifts offered to you."

Scene D1[]

Irenicus then turns to Imoen and casts some spells upon
her to get Gorion's Ward to understand the supposed
consequences of this path:

The dream ends as Gorion's Ward falls back asleep:

Scene C2[]

Irenicus Dream 2C2

Gorion's Ward begins to cast a spell

Irenicus Dream 2C2

The second is the "evil" path whereby Gorion's Ward is intrigued by the idea's put forth by Irenicus:

These images are interesting to me. I deserve power because of what I am!
"Yes, understand what is available to you!"
Irenicus Dream 2C2

Meteor swarm

The Ward calls forth a meteor swarm while the stone statues shatter:

Irenicus Dream 2C2

Irenicus speaks one last time

"When the opportunity comes, accept the gifts offered to you. Follow—our meeting is inevitable."

The dream ends as Gorion's Ward falls back asleep:

The Third Dream[]

Scene A[]

Irenicus Dream 3A BG2EE

Back in the Library

Gorion's Ward awakes again on the fourth floor inside of the Candlekeep Library where only Irenicus awaits this time as he commands the Ward to “stand” and than engages in dialogue:

"You rest each night uneasy. Yes, you are weary. You struggle daily."
"It will not end, you know, until you acknowledge
what you are.
"You walk as a mortal, taking no advantage from
your heritage, from your talents within. So many
things of flesh are greater than you."
"Walk among them, these beasts that are less than
you are. See their strength; see how easily you fall
to their muscle and skill."

When the dialogue ends, a spitting image of
Gorion's Ward is magically brought into the scene:

Followed by a Tanar'ri which turns and destroys
the image of Gorion's Ward who shouts,
“It's hopeless” as the Ward disappears:

The Tanar'ri then shouts “Hahahahahaha!!”
before it disappears:

Scene B[]

Irenicus Dream 3A BG2EE

Irenicus speaks

Irenicus than questions why Gorion's Ward submits to the power of others and to the flesh of existence when the Ward could weld power to dominate all other creatures:

"Why do you stand for this? Why do you submit to the flesh when death is bred in your bones?"
"Do you realize the power you might hold?
When the world of flesh is beneath you,
even creatures mysterious and magical will fall!"

A spitting image of Gorion's Ward is once again
magically brought into the scene:

Followed by a Vampire, a Lich and a Mind Flayer:

Gorion's Ward image turns and destroys all three creatures:

The image also shouts “Hahahahahaha!!”
before it disappears:

Scene C[]

Irenicus Dream 3C BG2EE

Teloprting Imoen into the scene

Irenicus Dream 3C1 BG2EE

Imoen appears

Irenicus teleports Imoen into the dream while engaging in some final brief dialogue:

"Follow, and receive the gift you are owed by the blood in your veins."
"Follow, if only to protect the weak that fell because of you."

Irenicus begins to cast spells upon Imoen:

The dream ends as Gorion's Ward falls back asleep:

The Fourth Dream[]

Scene A[]

Dream 4A BG2EE

Back in Candlekeep

Gorion's Ward awakes outside the inner wall within the dreamscape of Candlekeep and immediately hears the voice of Imoen:

"Do... not... fight... To fight... is... to lose... Come to me... find me..."

The Ward is provided with three different dialogue reply choices that all result in Imoen pleading for the Ward to “find me within”:

Imoen? Where are you?
"Within... find me within... You cannot fight alone... you cannot... Find me within..."
I do not trust you! This is another trick!
"Little time—you cannot fight alone... To fight is to lose... Find me... within... Find me within..."
I can face any danger! I will win any fight!
"You cannot face this alone... Find me within... find me within..."

Scene B[]

Dream 4B BG2EE

The entrance to the Candlekeep Library

Entering the courtyard, Gorion's Ward will observe a demon on the steps to the doorway of the Candlekeep Library. The demon will initiate dialogue once the Ward gets close enough and before being able to get “pass” the doors, a choice is offered and a sacrifice must be given:

"This path is to the core... the depths of your soul. Only through sacrifice can you achieve such insight."
"Do you give of yourself that you will know yourself? Do you let go of what you are, that you might see from a distance?"
"Choose what you will sacrifice to know yourself, to walk within. Give of your health, your mind, your wits, or your youth."
I give of my skill, forgetting some of what I have learned.
"Then you shall go back over territory you have already walked, the experience of the journey relived through loss."
I give of my health, becoming less hardy.
"Then through your weakness you shall suffer, knowing yourself better for the effort you must extend."
I give of my mind and my capacity to learn.
"Then you shall become less clouded by facts, and be closer to the emotions of your soul."
I give of my wits and the wisdom I have learned.
"Then you shall come to know yourself through your mistakes, when you undoubtedly falter with foolishness. A fool can learn much that a scholar does not see."
I give of my youth, sacrificing my agility of movement.
"Then you shall come to know humility, and as the world speeds to pass you by, you shall know patience."

After the choice is made, the demon then reply's:

"You shall know more of yourself through what you have lost. A gesture of your intent within. Pass as you should, and do not fear what comes."
Dream 4B1

Ability score sacrifice begins

Dream 4B1

The demon disappears as the sacrifice ends

The demon disappears as Gorion's Ward undergoes the ability score sacrifice:

Dream 4B1

The Library can now be entered

Gorion's Ward can now enter the Library to find Imoen:

Scene C[]

Dream 4C BG2EE

Finding Imoen inside the Candlekeep Library

Entering the Library, Gorion's Ward finds Imoen on the ground floor:

"I... I can see you there... Wait... and we can win..."

Three dialogue reply's are available:

Imoen? Are you all right?
How do we get out of here, Imoen?
What are you doing here? Last I saw, you were incapacitated.

To which Imoen reply's:

"Shhh... Before the shadows return to me, I have seen what is to come... One alone cannot fight..."
"Together we must battle your instinct... Alone, you would fall whether you win or lose... but here, in my sight... we can defeat it."
"Lead the creature here—lead it to me—and we shall fight it together. Together... he does not expect us together... but he has shown me how..."
"Go and lead the beast here. It is your only chance... and my last..."
Dream 4C1

Finding the “creature” outside the Candlekeep Library

Exiting the Library, Gorion's Ward finds the avatar of Bhaal, in the guise of Sarevok, within the courtyard:

"Fall to your knees—you can do no other! I am within you. I am your essence."

The Ward is given several response dialogue choices, all of which illicit a reply and then the avatar attacks:

I do not wish to fight you. If you are within me, I want your power.
"You were not born to replace; you are fuel for the return! I shall act as you were born to! You will surrender to the instinct! To the blood!"
What do you want here?
"What do I want?! Your life, your soul, your body! I am the instinct that will fuel the father! I am the blood!"
You wish to battle within me? Catch me if you can!
"You cannot run from yourself; you cannot defeat yourself! I am the blood! I am the instinct!"
Monster! Get out of my head! I banish you!
"You may as well ask to live without blood or deny you breathe air! I am of you and within you; I am what you should have been!"
Note: At this point it is best to weaken the avatar as much as possible, but it cannot be killed. Do as Imoen suggests and lead the creature back inside the Library to where Imoen is found.

Dream 4C1

Leading the “creature” to Imoen

When Gorion's Ward and the creature are within Imoen's sight, the final dialogue sequence will take place:


"Now! It is in my sight! I will add my will to yours! He has shown me... how to make it vulnerable!"


"I am your instinct, yet you deny me?! Fight me within your own mind?! I should devour you! How do you stand?!"
"I sense your soul... It has taken form to guide from within! You are strange among your kin!"
"But it... it is weak and will not help again! You are empty inside! There is nothing within... but the instinct!"


"Something is wrong... I... no... not again! Not again! AughHHHHH!"

The dream ends.

The Fifth Dream[]

Scene A[]

Dream 5A BG2EE

Back in the Candlekeep Library

Gorion's Ward awakes on the second floor of the Candlekeep Library, standing opposite of Imoen:

"You came too late. Didn't I say you would come too late? You will learn to trust me."

"Don't be afraid. You are safe here... if you behave. I will show you what fills the void. What is now free."

You are not Imoen. She said she has not had any dreams like these.

"I lurk behind your soul, in the very fiber of your being. I am the only thing left when mind and reason are stripped away."

"I will show you what you can be, what you can do... if you simply let yourself become what you are."

"I can show you all of this because I am within. I... am what fills the void. I am you."

At which point Imoen transforms into the Slayer and, if Gorion's Ward has any companions, proceeds to attack and kill every one of them. If the Ward is solo, the Slayer just stands there until the scene fades to black:

Scene B[]

Dream 5B BG2EE

Once again on the fourth floor of the Candlekeep Library

The dream fades back to life and shifts to the fourth floor of the Candlekeep Library. Gorion's Ward is now in the presence of Sarevok, Bodhi, Irenicus and Imoen (in normal form). Imoen proceeds to inform Gorion's Ward of the “valuable prize” the Ward is about to receive:

"You are to be given a gift. It is a valuable prize, one that you had better appreciate."

"You worry for your comrades, perhaps? Leave them, abandon them, and become what you must."

"You are alone. You have no one else. You should accept what you are... resistance makes you weak."

"There is great power in your heritage. Use it... and you will become closer to who you are... what you could be."

At which point Gorion's Ward transforms into the Slayer:

Dream 5B0

The Slayer

Gorion's Ward becomes the Slayer and Imoen speaks once more:

"Feel what is in the void. Use the tools that you are given. Become part of something greater. I am in you, and I know what is best."

"Each time you use it, each time you accept it, you move a little closer to the evil within."

"Perhaps you lose yourself in the end, but you will go to greater reward than you can know."

"After all, what does an eternity of nothingness matter... when you can destroy all that would oppose your development as easy as “one”..."

Gorion's Ward proceeds to attack Sarevok:

Sarevok dies:



Gorion's Ward proceeds to attack Bodhi:

Bodhi dies:



Gorion's Ward proceeds to attack Irenicus:

Irenicus dies:



Gorion's Ward proceeds to attack Imoen:

Imoen dies:



Imoen reappears where Gorion's Ward originally appeared when this scene began and the Ward proceeds to die:

Gorion's Ward dies:

The scene fades to black and so comes to a close the dream sequences for the Shadows of Amn. Gorion's Ward is now able to polymorph into the Slayer form at will.