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Draug Fea is a member of The Hatchetman's Party, a band of heavyweight hitters who are encountered within the Sewers located beneath the Temple District in the city of Athkatla.

This is one mean group of individuals so be prepared for a good fight. Draug Fea is a 12th level dwarven fighter who swings the mighty Wyvern's Tail morning star. This weapon deals 2d4+2 damage, plus it has the unique ability to deal a bonus of +5 points of poison damage with each hit if a save vs. poison isn't successful. And he also wears a Helm of Charm Protection, so forget about having him briefly join your side of the fight.

The unmodded fighter is assigned 3 pips in Blunt Weapons proficiency, however, the Wyvern's Tail is a "Spiked Weapon", so he strikes as non-proficient with the weapon (perhaps a blunder by the developers here). This is rectified with SCS installed.

See The Hatchetman's Party page for tips on how to beat these guys in a fight.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor revisions to Draug Fea. He is assigned a default SCS tactical Fighter script for smarter combat behavior, threat recognition and targeting decision logic. He now has 5 pips Flail/Morningstar weapon proficiency and 2 pips in the Sword and Shield fighting style, which boosts his AC vs. missiles by -4 bonus. The dwarf will hit more easily with the corrected weapon proficiency, and strike 2.5 times per round as well. Random SCS treasure is also placed in his inventory. The dwarf will close to melee with anyone in sight, seeking to bash and bludgeon them to death and helped by the poisonous sting of his unusual weapon.