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Dorn Il-Khan's quotes presents lines spoken by Dorn, together with the associated sound files.

A half-orc of few words, Dorn generally keeps to himself, and replies to the remarks of the most eccentric members of the party either with terse answers or threats of physical harm. He is much friendlier with evil-aligned companions, exchanging playful banter with them and even giving them advice.

Dorn will have access to more dialog options after he finishes his personal quest, tempting good-aligned companions with the promise of great power were they to swear loyalty to a demon as he did. Despite his apparent brutality Dorn is a surprisingly stable companion, only ever getting in conflict with Anomen, as he is aware it is much more valuable to corrupt noble souls than to slay do-gooders.

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With Aerie[]

Dorn: You. Girl.
Aerie: Um. Me?
Dorn: Aye. What are you doing here?
Aerie: I don't—I don't understand the question...
Dorn: The Bhaalspawn's side is no place for a simpering child.
Aerie: I'm—I'm not a simpering child.
Dorn: Spoken like a simpering child. Begone. There's no place for you here.
Aerie: You don't order me around. I'll go when <CHARNAME> says to go. And I don't think <HE/SHE> will say that.
Dorn: Hah! You've some spirit to you. Maybe you're worthy of the Bhaalspawn's attention after all. MAYBE.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: You have become a powerful witch, Aerie. You are a child no more, yet you cling to your ideals like a babe to her mother's teat.
Why not take your first steps as a woman and throw aside these ridiculous standards? Embrace power, as you were meant to!
Aerie: Power and goodness are not mutually exclusive. You yourself just said I was powerful; do you really think my goodness lessens my strength?
Dorn: I know it. Mercy is weakness. Hesitation is death. Your flawed morals blind you to the truth.
(if Dorn hasn't sworn loyalty to a demon as part of his quest:)
Aerie: If so, it is willful blindness. Your truth is not something I care to see.
(if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon:)
Aerie: You're the one who is blind, Dorn. I embraced power. MY power. I do not leech it from some vile demon.
Dorn: Careful, girl. Or you may feel the power of that vile demon firsthand.
Aerie: If so, it is willful blindness. Your truth is not something I care to see.

With Anomen[]

If Anomen has been knighted:

Dorn: What is that I smell? Ah, I recognize it now—'tis the stink of righteousness.
Anomen: Righteousness would offend a villain like you, half-orc.
Dorn: No, no, I am wrong. It's not the stench of righteousness that fills the air. It is hypocrisy.
Anomen: You call me hypocrite?
Dorn: A holy warrior who walks cheek by jowl with a Bhaalspawn and a blackguard? What else could I call you?
Anomen: I walk with <CHARNAME>, not with you.
Dorn: Mind your tone or I'll see to it you never walk again.
1. Player: Stop it, Dorn. We're all friends here.
Dorn:You call this filth a friend?
1. Player:I do.
Anomen: Thank you, <CHARNAME>. Your appreciation is, uh, appreciated.
1. Player: I speak only the truth, Anomen.
Dorn:' And a pitiful truth it is! Anyone fool enough to ally <HIM/HER>self with this weakling isn't worthy of my company. When you rid yourself of this useless baggage, seek me out, <CHARNAME>. *leaves party*
2. Player: Listen, you two—this is a team. We need to work together. Is that going to be a problem?
Dorn: It's a problem for me. Anyone fool enough to ally <HIM/HER>self with this weakling isn't worthy of my company. When you rid yourself of this useless baggage, seek me out, <CHARNAME>. *leaves party*
3. Player: Shut up, Anomen. The half-orc is right. You are nothing but a yoke around my neck, holding me back.
Anomen: What are you saying?
1. Player: Isn't it obvious? Begone. You've nothing to offer me.
Anomen: As—as you wish. *leaves party*
Dorn: You are better off without him, <CHARNAME>. He did naught but hold you back.
2. Player: I'm saying it's time you left... all your valuables behind you as you exit my life.
Anomen: I'll leave if that's your wish, but I'll not be robbed in the process.
1. Player: So be it. Go. *Anomen leaves party*
2. Player: Ohhh. Bad move, Anomen.
Dorn: Taste steel, paladin! *attacks Anomen*
3. Player: Robbed or killed, the choice is yours.
Dorn: <CHARNAME> has finally realized the error <HE/SHE> made in allying <HIM/HER>self with you. Die, you pious gnat! *attacks Anomen*
3. Player: I'm saying your time with me is at an end—and so is your life.
Dorn: Taste steel, paladin! *attacks Anomen*
2. Player:Are you deaf, you bloody great lummox?
Anomen: Thank you, <CHARNAME>. Your appreciation is, uh, appreciated. (...)
3. Player:I did, when it suited me to do so. But that time is long past.
Anomen:What are you saying? (...)
2. Player: Mind yours, Dorn. I won't tolerate this sort of nonsense.
Dorn: This wretch is no friend of yours, <CHARNAME>. He is an anchor weighing you down.
1. Player: He is a good and valued ally.
Anomen: Thank you, <CHARNAME>. Your appreciation is, uh, appreciated. (...)
2. Player: Some would say the same of you.
Dorn: Fools and weaklings, all.
Anomen: I am neither fool nor weakling, as you'll find out—now! *attacks Dorn*
3. Player: Once, perhaps. But those days are at an end.
Anomen: <CHARNAME>? You turn against me?
Dorn: <CHARNAME> has finally realized the error <HE/SHE> made in allying <HIM/HER>self with you. Die, you pious gnat! *attacks Anomen*
3. Player: Hah! That's something I'd like to see.
Anomen: And so you will!
Dorn: Show me what you've got, fool! *attacks Anomen*

Throne of Bhaal only, if Anomen failed his test :

Dorn: I see potential in you, Anomen. You are bitter, righteously angry at the insults and injuries you have endured. Now you see the world as it truly is.
Anomen: And if I have, what of it?
Dorn: I offer an alliance.
Anomen: I have not sunk so low as to ally myself with you, Il-Khan.
Dorn: We could do great things together, you and I.
Anomen: The gulf between our definitions of "great" spans continents. Leave me be.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Anomen didn't fail his test :

Anomen: You are a vile, heathen beast, half-orc, with fewer scruples than a Waukeenar shopkeep. Under any other circumstances, your blood would be pooling on the ground between us.
Dorn: Someone's blood would be.
Anomen: That said, you are, for once in your cursed life, acting for the good of all.
Dorn: I act for my own good, no other's.
Anomen: Your reasons may be selfish, but what we do here will save countless lives. Stopping this crusade of blood may be the best thing you ever do.
Dorn: When it is done, I may begin my own crusade of blood. Perhaps you will be the first to fall.
Anomen: First things first, Il-Khan. First things first.

With Cernd[]

During Dorn's quest, in Resurrection Gorge :

Cernd: Resurrection Gorge. How could something with such a name have fallen into such a state?
Dorn: Fallen? It was pushed by a druid fool—though perhaps the phrase "druid fool" is redundant.
Cernd: You believe druids to be fools?
Dorn: I've seen no evidence to the contrary.
Cernd: You see nothing you do not want to.
Dorn: You do me a disservice. I see many things I'd prefer not to—and then I see them fall beneath my blade.
Cernd: Not all problems are so easily solved.
Dorn: Perhaps. But I've yet to encounter one that wasn't.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: I do not understand you, druid. You profess a desire to protect nature, but neglect to harness her destructive strength. Why?
Cernd: I do what is necessary.
Dorn: Necessary? Forests fall to woodsmen's axes, animals are hunted to rarity, and rivers are poisoned by the sewage of cities!
Cernd: The Mother loves all her children, Dorn. Not just those who live in dappled glen and field.
Dorn: Even so. I have seen storms the likes of which can devastate large towns. Wildfires that burned through entire forests. Why do you hold back?
Cernd: When the Mother is angry, her fury roars through the land, without direction, terrifying and dangerous.
I would not end innocent lives, even if it meant the death of our enemies. It is not the way.
Dorn: You are weak.
Cernd: Perhaps. But I am no murderer.

With Edwin[]

If Dorn swore loyalty to a demon:

Edwin: Tell me of your patron, half-orc.
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Ur-Gothoz) What business is he of yours?
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Azothet) What business is she of yours?
Edwin: Power is my business. And your patron clearly does not lack for that. What is your arrangement with the demon?
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Ur-Gothoz) I do his bidding; he gives me power. That is all you need know.
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Azothet) I do her bidding, and in return she gives me all the power I require. You need know no more.
Edwin: Yes, I understand that, but how is the power transmitted to you?
You know what? Never mind. You probably don't even know the answer, you ignorant orangutan.
Dorn: Keep talking, mage. I'll carve the answer on your corpse's flesh.

If Edwin has been turned into a woman as part of his quest :

Edwin: What? What do you want, blackguard?! Must every accursed monkey here offer their opinion?!
Dorn: Your new form is not without advantages, mage. You should make use of them.
Edwin: Women are weak creatures, guided by emotions and lessened by their monthly bleed! There is nothing advantageous in this preposterous form!
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: I heard that, Edwin.
Viconia: And yet, wizard, the sounds coming from your bedroll indicate you do not find fault with *all* that is a woman's privilege.
Edwin: Bah! As soon as I am able, I will strip myself of this gods-forsaken body and returning to my normal self! And I will tolerate no further jokes at my expense!
(if present in party):
Neera: That's too bad. I've got a really good one.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon:

Edwin: You there! Blackguard. I have a word of advice.
Dorn: Why would I listen to the word of a disgraced Red Wizard?
Edwin: Disgraced? You ungrateful imbecile, I am trying to provide you with valuable aid!
Dorn: Provide it quickly, then.
Edwin: We Red Wizards have more experience with the denizens of the Hells than most. You have seen what can happen when a demon gets bored. Consider carefully to what you pledge allegiance—and what you surrender in exchange.
Dorn: My patron affords me more power than you will ever wield, mage. It is well worth the cost.
Edwin: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Ur-Gothoz) I hope when Ur-Gothoz finally wearies of your antics I am around to watch you burn.
Edwin: (if Dorn swore loyalty to Azothet) I hope when your antics finally start to bore Azothet I am around to watch you burn.
Dorn: If you are, I'll not burn alone.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Dorn didn't swear loyalty to a demon:

Edwin: You made the correct decision ridding yourself of Ur-Gothoz's influence, Il-Khan. You do not want to be the object of a demon—or devil's—ire.
Dorn: Did I ask your opinion, mage?
Edwin: My opinion is worth more than all of these miscreants put together. None of them have labored in the chains of true slavery. Freedom is paramount.
Dorn: But is it worth the cost?
Edwin: For Edwin Odesseiron, freedom is worth ANY cost.

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: And what shall I call you, my grim, grand vulture?
Dorn: My name is Dorn Il-Khan. Call me that, or "master," if you prefer.
Haer'Dalis: No, no, such a mundane appellation will not do.
Dorn: It's done me well enough till now.
Haer'Dalis: I shall call you "Dark-Edge." Much better, yes?
Dorn: If you would give me a new name, it's only fair that I do the same.
Haer'Dalis: Indeed it is, Dark-Edge. And what would you call this one?
Dorn: Instead of Haer'Dalis, I think I'll call you "Head'Less." What do you think of that?
Haer'Dalis: Dorn Il-Khan it is, then.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Haer'Dalis: You are a delight to behold, Dorn Il-Khan.
Dorn: Yes.
Haer'Dalis: No witty repartee? I had hoped to find a mind behind the monster.
Dorn: It is there, planewalker, but you want no part of it.
Haer'Dalis: Hah! I am not sure about that, my friend.
Dorn: I am not your friend.
Haer'Dalis: Then what are you?
Dorn: An ally. For now.

With Hexxat[]

If no romance with Dorn has started:

Dorn: Tell me, Hexxat. Is it true what I have heard about vampires and stamina?
Hexxat: It is.
Dorn: And appetite?
Hexxat: Get to the point, Dorn.
Dorn: Perhaps you and I could come to an... arrangement.
Hexxat: No.
Dorn: You would deny me?
Hexxat: I think I just did.
Dorn: You don't know what you're missing.
Hexxat: Somehow, I shall find the strength to carry on.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Hexxat hasn't finished her TOB quest :

Dorn: You are making a mistake.
Hexxat: Oh?
Dorn: Don't play the fool with me, vampire.
Hexxat: It is not your place to judge my decisions, blackguard.
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon) I say it is. You are making a mistake, one you will regret 'til the end of your all-too-mortal—
Dorn: (if Dorn didn't swear loyalty to a demon) I am a blackguard no longer. I saw the folly of my ways and corrected them. You would do well to follow my example.
Hexxat: Enough! My decision is made. Neither you nor any other will sway me from my path.

With Imoen[]

Imoen: <CHARNAME>, can I talk to you a moment?
1. Player: Of course, Imoen.
Imoen: Why are you hanging around with that half-orc? He's bad news.
1. Player: He's also a powerful ally.
Imoen: A powerful ally who kills more people than he talks to.
No! He's cruel, and violent, and frightening and just, just—
Dorn: I believe the word you're looking for is "magnificent."
Imoen: Just wrong.
Dorn: Wrong, girl? Wrong? Who are you to judge me?
Imoen: Someone with eyes and a heart.
Dorn: Eyes and a heart, but no brain.
Imoen: Says the guy who's got every bounty hunter from Waterdeep to Baldur's Gate after him.
Dorn: You called me cruel and violent and frightening. I am all these things. And for that, you should be grateful.
Imoen: Grateful? How do you figure that?
Dorn: That <CHARNAME> stands with you, and I stand with <HIM/HER>. We walk a dangerous path, the three of us. To survive, we must be even more dangerous.
How many have I killed defending <CHARNAME> and, by extension, you? How many predators gazed upon you, then saw me and turned their attention elsewhere?
Whether you know it or not, I protect you and all those who walk beside the Bhaalspawn. You owe me your thanks, but I'll not linger awaiting it.
Imoen: Bad news, <CHARNAME>. The worst.
2. Player: He has his uses.
Imoen: Fire has its uses, but hold it too close and sooner or later you're gonna get burned.
Dorn: The girl is right, <CHARNAME>.
I am a fiend, a villain, a blackguard. I am all these things and more, and for that, you should be grateful.
Imoen: Grateful? How do you (...)
3. Player: I know. He's glorious, isn't he?
Imoen: No! He's cruel, and violent, (...)
2. Player: If you think you can limit yourself to one moment, sure.
Imoen: Oh! I've been impaled on your rapier wit. Seriously, though.
Why are you hanging around (...)
3. Player: Only if I don't have to listen.
Imoen: Okay, I can see you're in a mood. I'll try later.

Imoen: Have you ever thought about becoming a pirate, Dorn?
Dorn: A pirate?
Imoen: I can just see it now... "Arr, me crewmen, burninate all the towns, in the name of me patron!"
Dorn: Scouring coasts, burning, destroying, and pillaging all I come across?
Imoen: Yeah!
Dorn: No. Do not speak to me again.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Where is your bloodlust, girl? Your insatiable urge to kill? A child of Bhaal should be of more use than this.
Imoen: Oh, really?
Dorn: You battle your birthright more than your enemies. You are weak.
Imoen: Fighting the evil within me takes more strength than you will ever know, Dorn Il-Khan.
Dorn: There are other uses for that strength. Better ones.
Imoen: (if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon)I'm not like you. I don't want to be like you. I've seen what happens when a person gives in—it won't happen to me.
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon)You are the child of a god.
Imoen: I'm me. Imoen. And I'd like to stay that way.

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: This has gone on too long, <CHARNAME>. I can stand no more.
1. Player: You have a problem, Jaheira?
2. Player: I'd probably agree if I had any idea what you were talking about.
3. Player: I'm sorry to hear that. Though not, I suspect, as sorry as I'll be to find out what you can no longer stand.
Jaheira: (same reply to all) This blackguard is an affront to the natural order. He is an aberration, spreading evil and chaos, and I'll tolerate it no longer.
Dorn: An aberration? You do me a disservice, druid.
Jaheira: I hardly think that is possible.
Dorn: But it is. Am I not a part of nature?
Jaheira: There is nothing natural in you, half-orc.
Dorn: I seek to better myself. To make myself stronger that I may survive and thrive. There is nothing more natural than that.
Jaheira: You are a poison. Even your words are toxic.
Dorn: They may not be to your taste, druid—but they are nevertheless true. If you've a problem with how I live my life—deal with it.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: You have fire. I respect that. But I warn you, druid: Attempt to poison me again and you will not see the next sunrise.
Jaheira: What nonsense are you babbling?
Dorn: This concoction. You neglected to account for my orc blood. Next time, try something more potent.
Jaheira: Do not be ridiculous. I am a druid, not an assassin.
Dorn: Then how do you explain this vile brew?
Jaheira: It is a mixture of myrtle and willow—
Jaheira: Drink it, Il-Khan. Or next time I will leave your wounds untended.

With Jan Jansen[]

Jan: There are times I wish I could still speak with my great-uncle Hans Jansen. A great alchemist, he was. He could turn donkey dung into gold. Funny thing, though—few people want gold that smells like donkey dung. Also, the effect was only temporary. He mistimed one transaction and found himself in a world of—
Dorn: Tell me, gnome—is there a contraption in that pack of yours that will reattach your endlessly blathering head once I cut it from your shoulders?
Jan: Actually, now that you mention it—
Wait. Must've left it in the other pack. And there's a story for you—
Dorn: Keep talking and you'll be telling it to the demons of the Abyss.
Jan: Eh. Wasn't that good a story anyway.

With Korgan[]

Korgan: ...and that's how I turned the Three Heads of Dannak into the Two-and-a-Half Heads of Dannak!
(if present in party:)
Viconia: Why is it all your stories end with you hitting someone with an axe?
Korgan: All the best stories end with someone getting hit with an axe!
Dorn: A fine tale, dwarf. I'm reminded of the time I slew a pack of lycanthropes in the Wyrm Forest.
Korgan: Oh, aye? What happened?
Dorn: I slew a pack of werewolves in the Wyrm Forest.
Korgan: Hah! Y'know how to tell a tale, I'll give ye that, half-orc!
Viconia: (if in party) You call that a tale? It was barely a sentence!
Korgan: It's nice t' have someone in this wretched crew that understands the finer things in life. Like the many enjoyable ways there are to end it.
Dorn: You and I are cut from the same cloth. We both know the sublime joy that can only be found in unrestrained slaughter.
Korgan: Someday, you'n me'll have to sit down with an ale or two... dozen, an' then we'll really tell some tales.
Dorn: Indeed. I look forward to it.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Korgan: But how can ye? With a woman, I can understand, but—it doesnae work!
Dorn: Then you have a limited imagination, dwarf.
Korgan: But what do ye do with all the *hair*?
Dorn: I have seen your women, dwarf. That you were born at all tells me it is not a matter of great concern for your kind.
Korgan: 'Tis true, a fine dwarven woman comes with a fine dwarven beard, but—
Dorn: It is all a matter of power and pleasure. I will take those things with whomever I can.
Korgan: Give me a buxom lass any day. I'll leave the men for ye.

With Korgan and Sarevok[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Dorn: ...and so I threw him into the volcano!
Korgan: Hah!
Sarevok: Well, what else COULD you do, really?
Korgan: He could've thrown 'im off the volcano.
Sarevok: Off the volcano? What would be the point of that?
Korgan: None that I can see, but you asked what else he could do.
Dorn: I think we're all agreed the fool ended up where he belonged.
Korgan: Got that right.
Sarevok: Ah! My loins ache to spill innocent blood.
Korgan: Meself, I'd settle for some guilty blood.
Dorn: I'm sure <CHARNAME> will give us ample opportunity to shed blood by the bucketful.
Korgan: Yeah, but that's fer business. Where's the joy, I ask ye?
Sarevok: It's said that those who do what they love never work a day in their lives.
Korgan: Y'know what I love?
Dorn: The screams of your victims as you cleave them in twain?
Korgan: Well, that too, but I was actually thinkin' of somethin' more in the tankard of ale area. Preferably served by a nice, jiggly bar wench.
Sarevok: Your words paint a pretty picture, dwarf.
Dorn: A little abstract for my taste.
Sarevok: Fah! You just lack the imagination to visualize the scene.
Korgan: I lack the ale and the bar wench.
Dorn: Only for now. Some time soon, the three of us shall visit a tavern.
Sarevok: We'll drink and brawl till it's a smoking ruin!
Korgan: Hah! I cannae wait!

With Mazzy[]

Dorn: I would speak with you, paladin.
Mazzy: I am no paladin, as you well know.
Dorn: Ah yes. The position is beyond your reach. I had forgotten.
Mazzy: I doubt that.
Dorn: You wound me, dear lady.
Mazzy: I think it takes more than words to wound you.
Dorn: You are right about that.
Mazzy: What do you want with me, half-orc?
Dorn: I have an offer for you.
Mazzy: You have nothing I want.
Dorn: My patron might.
Mazzy: What is— You would tempt me to become a blackguard?
Dorn: My patron is always looking for other beings to empower.
Mazzy: Other souls to corrupt, you mean.
Dorn: I'll not deny it.
Mazzy: I'll deny you, you and your patron both. You insult my honor!
Dorn: Far from it. To make such an offer is a sign of the deepest respect.
Mazzy: Go back to the Hell whence you came, beast! I want nothing to do with you!
Dorn: Your loss.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: That one of your limited stature should be so irritating... it is truly impressive.
Mazzy: I'm amazed you can walk three steps without tripping over your own ego.
Dorn: Hrm. You are a vile pest, halfling, but you are not without wit.
Mazzy: And you are an overgrown half-orc brute without a shred of moral fibre or decency...
Dorn: But?
Mazzy: There is no but. That's all.

With Minsc[]

Minsc: Boo says he doesn't fully trust you, half-orc.
Dorn: Your hamster should have more faith.
Minsc: Giant space hamsters aren't easy to fool.
Dorn: I'll do everything in my power to prove myself worthy of your hamster's trust.
Minsc: You will? Good. That's good.
Dorn: Madness...
1. Player: I'm surprised you didn't cut Minsc's head off.
Dorn: The madman's more entertaining alive.
2. Player: That was a remarkable—and uncharacteristic—show of restraint.
Dorn: There's no joy in matching wits with the witless.
3. Player: He's insane, but he has his uses.
Dorn: A man with no fear can be a useful tool indeed.

Minsc: Boo says—
Dorn: Get out of my sight or by all that's unholy, I swear I'll eat your rat for breakfast!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Cease your whistling, Rashemi, before I end your halfwit existence once and for all.
Minsc: Ahh, Dorn. Even you must sense the cheer in the air!
Dorn: Your blood will join it if you don't cease that infernal noise!
Minsc: Minsc and Boo would like to see you try! We would whistle all the while as we stamped your bones to dust!
Dorn: You are nothing more than a child. I've better things to do with my time than argue with you.

With Nalia[]

Dorn: Do that again, girl, and I will cut your tongue from your wretched mouth! You will never cast again!
Nalia: Wh-what?
Dorn: I require no assistance in battle.
Nalia: Fine then! Next time I'll just let you get hurt!
Dorn: Just watch your own back rather than mine. We'll both be happier that way.

With Neera[]

Dorn: You think you have everyone fooled, girl. Not me.
Neera: You know my secret? My magic is all just sleight of hand? Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
Dorn: Drop the act. You know what I'm talking about—your false innocence, your carelessness, the way you pretend to value the interests of others.
Neera: Act? There's no act. I don't act; I don't even lie—or, hardly ever. What are you going on about, Dorn?!
Dorn: I've seen the look in your eyes, half-elf, when your magic's power increases. I know what it means. I feel the same thing when I slay the weak. Your magic is wild, Neera. You cannot control it, and you cast it anyway. Would someone who was truly good do that?
Neera: You're wrong. You're wrong! And do NOT look into my eyes. It's creepy. Also, slaying the weak? Creepy AND bad.
Dorn: Hah! Your unwillingness to acknowledge the truth damns you. As one of the damned myself, I shall call you sister.
Neera: Please don't, or I'll start calling you creepy uncle.
Dorn: Call me what you will; I'll call you what you are. Someday, the evil within you will prevail. As your power increases, your restraint grows weaker and weaker.
Neera: I've had enough of this! Don't speak to me about this again. Do not speak to ME again!
Dorn: Hrmm. So imperious! As you wish. I will simply watch... and wait.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Has the time come, girl? Are you ready to embrace the power within you?
Neera: This again? Come on, Dorn, just leave me alone.
Dorn: I know you feel it within you. Do not deny yourself, Neera.
Neera: I'm not denying anything. You might be willing to give up whatever soul you've got left for power, but I'm happy the way I am.
Dorn: Such destructive potential, wasted. You disappoint me.
Neera: You know what? I can live with that. Now go pester someone else about their destructive potential, why don't you?

With Rasaad[]

Dorn: You look troubled, monk.
Is your path less sure than it was? Your precious light staining your soul with shadows?
Rasaad: Enough.
Dorn: When the moon disappears, Rasaad, all we are left with is truth. No more, no less.
You know I am right. Every waking moment, every sleeping hour, constant and unceasing, the truth gnaws at the edges of your soul—
Rasaad: I said enough!

If Dorn has sworn loyalty to a demon :

Dorn: I would have words with you, monk.
Rasaad: Say what you have to say, half-orc.
(if Dorn swore loyalty to Azothet)
Dorn: I come to you on behalf of my patron, Azothet.
Rasaad: What would she want with me?
Dorn: For many years, you have walked in Selûne's light. Now, you have chosen to enter darkness. She sees great promise in you.
(if Dorn swore loyalty to Ur-Gothoz)
Dorn: I bring you an offer from my patron, Ur-Gothoz.
Rasaad: Why would he offer anything to me?
Dorn: For most of your life, you have walked in Selûne's light. Now, you have embarked down a path of darkness. He sees great potential in you.
Rasaad: I wish I could say I found that flattering.
Dorn: You should. And you should hear what is being offered to you.
Rasaad: What is that?
Dorn: Power. Great power. Power enough to defeat all who stand against you. Power enough to avenge your—
Rasaad: Enough! Selûne may no longer look favorably upon me, but I'll not be tempted by a demon's promises.
Dorn: When your enemies stand over your broken, dying body, you will wish you hadn't been so quick to reject my patron's gift.
Rasaad: That may be. But I will still have been right to do so.

Throne of Bhaal only, after Rasaad's quest is complete :

Dorn: Tell me, monk: Do you feel better now, having faced Alorgoth?
Rasaad: What do you care?
Dorn: I don't care. I am just... curious.
Rasaad: Let someone else satisfy your curiosity.
Dorn: Have I hit a nerve, Selûnite? Has your encounter left you drained? Unsure?
Rasaad: I've no interest in discussing this further.
Dorn: Your rage is a source of strength, Rasaad. Harness that anger and it will become a weapon.
Rasaad: I do not take advice from murderers.
Dorn: It's never too late to start.

With Sarevok[]

Sarevok: I like you, Dorn. We've much in common.
Dorn: High praise.
Sarevok: Indeed. It's a shame you're a fool.
Dorn: Normally, I'd slay you for that—but I imagine you're used to dying by now.
Sarevok: I'd never allow myself to be bound to an otherworldly master.
Dorn: No. You're bound to <CHARNAME>.
Sarevok: I serve <HIM/HER> only so long as <HE/SHE> serves my interests.
Dorn: Tell it to someone else, Sarevok. Tell it to yourself, if it makes you feel better. I know the truth.

Sarevok: Where were you trained, half-orc?
Dorn: Trained?
Sarevok: You had no formal education? No mentors?
Dorn: My skills are borne of battle and blood, not leeched from some aging fool.
Sarevok: Speak ill of Winski Perorate again and you will regret it.
Dorn: Regrets? I've had a few. I doubt casting aspersions upon your precious mentor will ever be counted among them.

With Valygar[]

If Dorn has sworn loyalty to a demon :

Dorn: It takes a certain type of man to kill his parents, Valygar. There is much my patron could offer you.
Valygar: Save it for someone else, half-orc. I've no interest in a life of bondage.
Dorn: A small price to pay for power.
Valygar: Your chains say otherwise.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: So here we are again. The distrusted, much-loathed outsiders.
Dorn: Say what you will about <CHARNAME>, <HE/SHE>'s no fool.
Viconia: You say only fools would trust us?
Dorn: Only fools would trust us to go against our best interests.
Viconia: Then we're in the company of fools, I fear.
Dorn: They're fortunate that we're here to guide them.
Viconia: But what will we guide them to?
Dorn: Victory and power. What else is there?
Viconia: There's love.
Dorn: Love? Have you lost your mind, you—
Ah. I get it now.
Viconia: I had you going, though.
Dorn: You did, I admit it.
Viconia: I can't believe you fell for that.
Dorn: I guess I'm just a fool for love.
Viconia: A fool, at any rate.
Dorn: Have mercy, drow! I admitted you got me.
Viconia: I'll show you as much mercy as you show your enemies.
Dorn: Gods help me. I'm doomed.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: So here we are again, in the eye of the storm.
Viconia: I rather think we ARE the storm.
Dorn: Aye. A whirlwind of chaos and death, striking out across Tethyr... My kind of fight.
Viconia: I'm glad you are at least having fun, jaluk.
Dorn: You are not?
Viconia: I prefer the shadows, Dorn.
Dorn: You worry we're too exposed?
Viconia: I always feel exposed up here. There is a difference between that and announcing our presence with a rain of fire.
Dorn: The terror in our enemies' eyes as their bodies burn is a reward worth the risk

Siege of Dragonspear[]

With Corwin[]

Corwin: Do you actually care about anything we're trying to accomplish here?
Dorn: I care about what I'M trying to accomplish. I care about the vengeance I will wreak on those who dared imprison me.
Corwin: But not about stopping the crusade? Or the damage they could do - have done - to the Sword Coast?
Dorn: Your woefully narrow perspective does you no credit, Captain. If, say, Grand Duke Eltan led the crusade, rather than Caelar - would you be so offended by the "damage" it's caused then? I think not.
Corwin: Rationalize your selfishness and greed however you want, half-orc. In this instance, my cause is just. I fight for a higher ideal.
Dorn: You fight for money, Captain. That's what mercenaries do. Before you accuse me of rationalizing my actions, you would do well to examine your own.

With Minsc[]

Minsc: Minsc has not met many as strong as he is, but you, evil orc-man, you may be as strong as Minsc. Perhaps stronger! Minsc does not say that often.
Dorn: "May be", ranger? Have no doubt of it. I could snap your bones like twigs and leave you liveless on the ground.
Minsc: Ah ha, that is where you are wrong! For Minsc has Boo, and our friend! Attack Minsc, and you attack us all!
Dorn: I underestimated you. You offset your weakness aligning yourself with the strong - a shrewd strategy.
Minsc: I have no strategy, just friendship! And that friendship makes Minsc stronger than you will ever be!

With Dynaheir[]

Dynaheir:' I am watching thee, half-orc. Do not think thy deeds go unnoticed, or that they shall go unpunished.
Dorn: I've been judged by better than you, witch, and better still have tried to punish me. None have come to good ends.
Dynaheir: You wanted to tell me I was observed. You have done so. When -if - you decide to do more than watch... well, that will be most interesting.
Dorn: We shall see.
(if present in party:)
Minsc: No! I do not like him either, but crawling into his armor to bite and tickle him would be unseemly for a hamster of your elevated stature.

With Rasaad[]

Dorn: I'll admit you are not without skill in combat, monk. Do not think that gives you license to challenge me.
Rasaad:Why would I want to? I have no quarrel with you. And in the matter of Caelar, at least, we share a goal.
Dorn: I know your kind. All who sanctimoniously embrace "goodness" salivate at the very idea of my fall.
Rasaad: And those who walk the path of evil will never know peace. I can imagine no fate worse than that.

With Safana[]

Safana: ~I've held my tongue so far, but I've reached my limit. The half-orc reeks of sweat and blood. I can't be the only one who thinks so, can I?
Dorn: I assure you there are worse things to smell in this world than I, dear lady. Perhaps you are not meant for a life of adventure.
Safana: I'm meant for a life of luxury, and I've made no secret of it. But I'd settle for one not permeated with the stench of death. It wouldn't kill you take a bath.
Dorn: While Caelar lives, we have more important things to do than bathe.
Safana: If we can't spare even a moment to clean ourselves, the crusaders have won!
Dorn: That makes no sense.
Safana: I was hoping you wouldn't notice that... Bloody hells. Someone give me a drink.
(if present in party:)
Voghiln: It is a drink you are wanting? Voghiln is there for you.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: So, you too know how it feels to receive instruction from a higher power.
Dorn: Do not compare your worship of Shar to the patronage of Ur-Gothoz. They are nothing alike
Viconia: No? They seem most similar to me. Both offer power we could never attain alone in exchange for devotion.
Dorn: We are in no way alike, drow. Ur-Gothoz is no remote deity. His orders sound with perfect clarity in my ear.
'Viconia: I wonder, is there anyone you would be content being compared to?
Dorn: There are none like me. None can understand the path I walk.
'Viconia: My race and circumstances isolate me. You isolate yourself. There is a price to be paid for that, errdegahr rothe.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: Attend me, half-orc. We are men of considerable power. For now, we each have reason to ally ourselves with inferiors for good reason.
Dorn: You suggest we join forces in the event the Bhaalspawn falls or these others turn on us?
Edwin: Powerful friends are a good thing to have.
Dorn: I have allies, not friends. A strong ally is valuable indeed. You are powerful, Thayan. But you are not strong. I'll not chain my fortunes to a pampered, simpering child, no matter how many fireballs he juggles.
Edwin: You impudent wretch! How DARE, what I mean is, you should not pass up this opportunity. I urge you, reconsider your position.
Dorn: Or what? You'll mutter at me? I want nothing to do with you, wizard. And you would do well to expect nothing from me.

With Baeloth[]

Baeloth: By Lolth's legs, you are a strappy little shaver, Dorn. Ever flirted with fighting to a fatal finish for fun and profit? Mostly profit?
Dorn: Yes. My own fun, and my master's profit.
Baeloth: Ah. You already retain representation, then.
Dorn: My patron supplies me with all that I need.
Baeloth: Well, should that situation shift, seek me out. I can steer you to a storied stature you never supposed securable.
Dorn: Do not delude yourself into believing you comprehend the scope of MY ambition, drow. Begone!

With M'Khinn[]

Dorn: We have something in common, goblin. To the humans, the elves, we are monsters, nothing more
M'Khinn: Let 'em think that. Maybe safer that way.
Dorn: Were we not aligned with the hero of Baldur's Gate, they would kill you without a second thought or in many cases, a first one.
M'Khinn: Just want them to think enough times that they don't kill me.
Dorn: And if Caelar or one of her lackeys removes your protector, <CHARNAME>, permanently?
M'Khinn: If this, if that, can't worry about ifs. Too many of 'em. What is is all that matters.

With Glint[]

Glint: So, Dorn. Dorn, Dorn, Dornnn...
Dorn: You have something to say to me, gnome? Then say it, or say nothing at all.
Glint: I was just going to ask you how the weather was up there.
Dorn: What?
Glint: It was a joke, you know. How is the weather up there? Because it'd be different. Because you're, uh, tall.
Dorn: You should go away now.
Glint: Yes. Yes, I think I'll be doing that right, uh... now. Yes. In my defense, you are VERY tall. All right, I'm done, going now. Yes, yes.

With Dorn[]

Jaheira: Why do we tolerate this villain's presence among us? There are monsters enough in this world without inviting one into our circle.
Dorn: You call me a monster?
Jaheira: You deny it?
Dorn: I'll not waste my time arguing with you. Let me suggest this, though: Only a fool goes out of her way to antagonize a monster.
Jaheira: Monsters make better friends than enemies. Perhaps that is why my presence is tolerated. I prithee consider the matter. In silence.

With Khalid[]

Khalid: I d-don't think I l-like you, half-orc.
Dorn: I know of a certainty I don't care for you. When you know your own mind, tell me.
Khalid: I d-d-definitely don't like you.
Dorn: Better. Now, what do you plan to do about it? Fight me? Try to kill me? Or do we put our feelings aside and save our hostility for Caelar?
Khalid: Were it not for our f-friend <CHARNAME>, we would fight.
Dorn: Congratulations, hero! In addition to Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast, you have yanked a stuttering fool from the brink of utter destruction. Well done.
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: You should thank Gorion's ward for saving your life. Khalid would cut you down before you even unsheathed your blade.
Khalid: Well... maybe not QUITE that quickly. Especially as his sword's already drawn.
Jaheira: Your humility is one of the countless reasons I love you, Khalid, but this is not the time for it.
Khalid: Y-yes, dear. As you say.

With Neera[]

Neera: Hey, Dorn? I've been meaning to ask you something.
Dorn: I have seen the power you wield, elf. It is impressive...
Neera: Half-elf.
Dorn: I have also endured the endless stream of chatter that tumbles 'twixt your lips. Your thoughts mean little to anyone you speak to, and nothing at all to me - to whom you will not speak at all, if you value your life.
Neera: I just wanted to ask..
Dorn: Do you value your life, half-elf?
Neera: Well, yeah. It's not much, I'll admit, but it's all I've got. And now you're drawing your sword - all right then! Great talk.

With Voghiln[]

Dorn: I have heard tales of your exploits, skald, but looking at you now, I have trouble believing them. Did you truly conquer the Nightmare Clan?
Voghiln: Ja, this is true. The Nightmares were the terror of the Ten Towns, but no match for mighty Voghiln!
Dorn: The Nightmares' hands could shatter stone and their fangs were sharper than any dagger, or so the stories go.
Voghiln: On my honor, the stories are true, every word. I wrote many myself.
Dorn: You wrote the tales of your heroic defeat of the invincible Nightmares? With that, all is explained.
'Voghiln: What is that supposed to mean, half-orc? Tell me, what is it you are meaning with your words there? Answer, you bruise-hued monstrosity! What are you saying about mighty Voghiln? What? Oh, ja, ja. Just be ignoring me now. This is how men deal with other men where you come from? Pfah! I am laughing at you, you see? Hah! Hah! Laughing! I need a drink...