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Release me! Destroy this body!

Dola Fadoon is a captive Djinni in the center of the Torture platform. Several drow are apparently being instructed by the Overseer Handmaiden on the use of applied arcane magic to inflict pain and sub-lethal damage upon this trapped creature. Healing magic is occasionally applied to the poor wretch, so as not to destroy its physical form. The handmaiden stands at the top of the stairway leading down to the torture platform, where four drow mages are being trained.


When a party member is within a certain distance of the torture platform, the players on map display box will show various text strings associated with the torture training session going on. Various damage inflicting spell casts (fully animated) are striking the genie. The party may see messages such as:

Dola Fadoon: "Release me! Destroy this body!"
Student torturer: "Hahaha... Well done."
Other torturer: "You will pass to your home plane when we say so, no sooner."

And as you observe the training, even more exchanges, such as:

Dola Fadoon: "This interminable mockery must end! "
Student torturer: "This is a talkative one."
Other torturer: "Shut up, creature!"

It continues on:

Dola Fadoon: "Release me from this physical form!"
Student torturer: "Do not forget to heal it."
Other torturer: "We will maintain its physical form as long as needed."

More involvement[]

Should the player wish to pursue more, and possibly decide if they can help the genie, or just put it out of its misery - see The Trapped Genie encounter (sort of like a side quest) for more details.

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