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Diya al-Hafiz, Human Sorcerer - PPE Mod portrait

Who are you? What are you doing here?
You do not recognize the august personage of Diya al-Hafiz, premier Sha'ir of the Hawal Caliphate?

Diya al-Hafiz is one of three human Magicians (as they refer to themselves as Sha'ir - and Hexxat says that Sha'ir means they're Zakharan Magicians) within the library chamber of the Tomb of the Unproved. These magicians have an extended lifespan. Diya is part of Hexxat's second quest, to obtain the Shroud of the Unproved for her master "L" (Larloch).

Game Play[]

Each magician has some dialogue, which will begin when Hexxat enters the library, and if she is visible. Diya al-Hafiz initiates the dialogue. All dialogue choices eventually lead to hostility with the magicians.

Once Hostile, the magicians cast Spell Deflection and Stoneskin, followed by an obscure reference to a "Tatoo of Power' or other "Tatoo" variations - this is just embellished text for dramatic effect (there is no "Tatoo of Power" spell in the game). Mirror images may be cast, perhaps Power Word, Silence. Offensively they will use Greater Malison and Lightning Bolts or Chain Lightning. Most of their memorized spells are not used. They do not attempt to Breach a target, nor do they try and take down any spell protections. They will cast a single target spell at a party member that is protected from single target spells, like Spell Deflection or Spell Trap.

One peculiar thing about these spell casters is that thy all cast the same spell, at the same target, at the same time. For instance, you might be on the receiving end of three Greater Malison, or three Power Word, Silence spells.

The AI for these creatures is not very adaptable, and does not react to what spells or protections your party has up. They do not move out of clouds or AOE spells if there are no opponents in their visual range. If anyone is within their visual range they will attempt to close the distance to cast spells at them. They cannot open the door to the library if you close it, but they will follow the party if the door is left open. For example, you could fire a Cloudkill into the library, then close the door, and you may slay the whole group without any dialogue being uttered. These creatures are humans, not Undead or ghosts of some sort. They have no special immunities, or secret buffs. Their undroppable Stoneskin amulet does however provide them with at least one instance of Stoneskin.

Although Diya is a level 20 Sorcerer, he has no memorized 8th or 9th level spells. Diya also is provided with four memorized Cleric Spells.

Mod Content[]

Installation of Spell Revisions Mod will update this creature's spell book to the SR versions. For instance, instead of the 5th level spell Chaos cast at the party, it will be the SR spell "Waves of Fatigue". Instead of the 7th Level Spell Mantle, it will the SR version "Prismatic Mantle".