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Disturbing Implications is part of the main quest which starts in Chapter 7 of Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. It is progresses generally from talking to the Hooded Man at various points in the game.

Chapter 7[]

Prior to leaving the city, the Hooded Man will be in top level of the Ducal Palace waiting with Imoen to question Gorion's Ward about their divine heritage.

Chapter 9[]

After proceeding across Boareskyr Bridge, Gorion's Ward will faint and see Cyric murdering Bhaal. The Hooded Man will question Gorion's Ward about this.

Chapter 10[]

In the Underground River, the Hooded Man will appear across the river and have a conversation with Gorion's Ward, and hint at requiring either a child of the light or child of death. This is referencing Caelar Argent and Gorion's Ward, respectively.

Chapter 12[]

After returning victorious from Avernus, the Hooded Man will appear in a dream again and turn Skie Silvershield into the Slayer. This time, however, the cutscene will end and Gorion's Ward will be forced to defend themselves. After waking up next to Skie's dead body, the Flaming Fist will arrest Gorion's Ward and bring them to trial back in Baldur's Gate.

Chapter 13[]

During the trial, Gorion's Ward can defend themselves using events that they have accumulated during the course of the story. They can claim to be a hero, and framed for the murder, or claim to be such a villain that there would be no reason to deny the murder.

Heroic deeds[]

Villainous deeds[]

If Gorion's Ward provides 3 heroic deeds more than villainous deeds or vice versa, Duke Belt will release them from prison and exile them from Baldur's Gate. Otherwise, a thief will break Gorion's Ward out of prison and will have to fight their way out of the city via the sewers.

Regardless of what happens, Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, and Dynaheir will be waiting for Gorion's Ward outside of the sewers.