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Diseased Rat is a hostile animal. They are spawned by script from various game enemy creatures, similar to a summoned creature, but actually just spawned. They are spawned in groups of 10-12.


These small creatures can only attack with weak Piercing damage bites, twice per round.

If a bite hits, then a Disease effect is applied inflicting damage each second, for six consecutive seconds. The damage is 1% (minimum of 1 damage) of the targets current Hit points.

As this is a disease effect, it is a Poison damage applied. There is no saving throw.

Unlike ordinary Rat brethren, these foul rodents are evil and malign.

They spawn by certain boss enemies, such as a few Vampire creatures, or the Shaman Nilthiri.

The rats serve as a distraction, clog up the battlefield to occlude free movement, and buy time for the spawning originator.