Baldur's Gate Wiki

Dillar is the proprietor of the Undercellar. He can be found in his "office" located at the end of the northeast passageway. He seems pretty protective of his establishment and has a bit of a brusque reply to the party's attempts at conversation.

Hello hello. Feel free to eat, drink, and be merry, but kindly do so outside of my office. If ye wish to pay Low Lantern rates, then you'll warrant a warmer welcome. This is the Undercellar, however, and though our prospect be somewhat cheaper, my company is not. Have a pleasant stay.
I wouldn't be putting too much stock into all the rumors you hear about my little place. Any establishment that serves the clientele that I do is likely to inspire a few tales, though I'd appreciate you not adding fuel to the fire. Good eve to you.
I think you will find that speaking ill of the Undercellar is a good way to ruin your health. I take no interest in what my customers do here, and saying otherwise is a good way to get a face full of fist in a hurry. Get out, if you please.
It is a continuing annoyance to me that, because ANYONE is welcome in the Undercellar, they think anyone is welcome in my personal office. Were that so, I would not be bracketed by the beef you see before you. I ask you again to leave.

If he is charmed he will say:

Please, all of my girls are available for friends of mine. I must warn you to avoid Slythe and Krystin. They are crazies, and shouldn't be trifled with.