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Detonate is an innate ability available to some creatures, including Entu and select Mind Flayer and Githyanki beings  [verification needed]. The ability is initiated via script by the AI. The effect is directed at a target and in-turn an area around the target creature in visible range of the source creature. The detonate effect applies 1d10 Magical damage upon all creatures in the area of effect. The AoE is quite large.

A sound effect is also played when the ability is initiated (EFF_P92).

The Detonate will bypass Magic resistance and cannot be blocked by Spell Immunity, as the ability has no assigned school of magic. The assigned Power level of the effect is 3, and thus an AoE protective magic such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability or Globe of Invulnerability will block the spell for creatures in the AoE.

This ability has a secondary magic Offensive damage type designation. The Cloak of Mirroring should be able to deflect its effects.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this ability, to bring it closer to the 2nd edition D&D ruleset. The mod changes the Opcode configuration of the spell, and now uses the projectile number 159 Instant Area Not Party (so the caster and allies are immune). SCS revises the detonation power to destroy skeletons automatically (in accordance with the 2nd edition rules, as it happens).

Detonate is widely available to Psionic Ability using creatures in SCS. It is typically scripted for use by Mind Flayer, Ulitharid, The Master Brain and some Githyanki (Race) opponents. Select SCS AI scripts often include Skeleton recognition lines, so that creatures with the Detonate ability can destroy those opponents, thus reducing threats from summoned Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors (which are a favored and useful player summoned creature type).

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