Desreta is a worshiper of entropy who can be found on the second level of the Low Lantern. If Gorion's Ward agrees to feel the pleasures of entropy, she and Vay-ya will attack. If you tell them to scram, they'll oblige.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

You come in here for some purpose, no? Tell you the secret. There is no purpose, only entropy. Wondrous, sensuous entropy. My soul sister and I know entropy better than most. Perhaps we teach you some of its pleasures, no?

What's your name, woman, and what's this whole "entropy" crap you're going on about?

I am Desreta. She is Vay-ya. We are one with void. We know life has no meaning. Let us show you entropic pleasure... Mm. It will delight you with its icy touch.

Yes, show us this pleasure you speak of. I'm sure it could be quite interesting, especially if you show it to us in the privacy of your bedroom.

No need to go to bedroom. We can show you... here. Not many agree to go to great void. They afraid. But what there be to be afraid of? Life is hollow. Better to end it soon, than endure its pain.

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