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Desharik's Estate is a prominent home on the Northwest Part of Brynnlaw, high up on a hillside. This home was commandeered by the Pirate Lord Desharik as his own residence and Head Quarters. The former Mayor of Brynnlaw once lived here but is now displaced and could very well been sold into slavery or murdered. Such is the way of Pirates.


This multi-level structure is quite ornate and well made, with the trappings of a wealthy owner. For game playing purposes only a portion of the home is available for exploration on the ground floor. The internal layout has four distinct rooms - a reception room with marble pool and statue fountain, a dining and guest parlor, a fully equipped kitchen and larder, and finally, a large bed chamber.


Assuming the party has managed to get past the Pirate Door Guard, then upon entry is seen Desharik, standing in the room with a fountain and pool. There is no way to get inside except by the doorman, including picking the door lock or crashing the door open. See his article page for details, and also the Getting inside the asylum information for Desharik's role in that.


There are several containers that can be examined within the area. These can be rummaged through, and anything found can be removed without any reaction from Desharik, as odd and unexplained as that may seem. It's all basically free loot - roleplay this as your party wishes.

  • A secret wall panel, non-visible, locked (difficulty 40) and trapped (difficulty 70). Triggering the mechanism launches a dart trap at the offending thief. Within are a Potion of Extra healing, some gold coins, an enchanted Longbow +2 and several Arrows +2.
  • A barrel in the kitchen has another Potion of Extra Healing.
  • Two containers in the bedroom are available to rifle through. An unlocked dresser has potion and some gold coins. Another similar furniture item has a trapped drawer (difficulty 80). If triggered, the mechanism will launch as spear trap on the unlucky pilferer. Within is a Light Crossbow +1, some Bolts +2, gold coins and another potion.


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