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Deril is a nobleman and a Mage. He has an "aide" or unknown relationship with a Lagole Gon, who is some kind of Lich creature. He can be found in the Deril Estate in the Athkatla Government district during the companion quest Cernd's Child.


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Once made hostile (which may not occur depending if Cernd takes this mage on one-on-one through dialogue options) the mage will by applying a preparation of protective buffs including Spell Immunity Invocation, Stoneskin and Spell Deflection, and then immediately thereafter will begin going on the offensive. A Spell trigger with Greater Malison, Chaos and Mirror Image may be deployed as well as Power Word, Silence and Power Word, Stun. Most of the spells in the InfoBox are available for use, as well as a few others not displayed, available by script.


Deril is a level 19 mage but is given a 14th level mage's script. So, no 8th or 9th level spells are cast from this creature in the unmodded game. Deril has grandmastery with blunt weapons, which translates to his equipped quarterstaff. Deril is now the most martial quarterstaff wielding mage in Athkatla.

Mod Content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod will make changes to Deril.

  • SCS changes Deril to a Level 19 Conjurer. No stats or other innate abilities are changed. Spell selection will differ, however. Also, he now knows two level 9 spells Imprisonment and Spell Trap. He has one Mage HLA memorized, Summon Dark Planetar.
  • Installation of SCS's "Smarter Mages" Component will make noticeable changes to this creature's casting spell choices and Artificial Intelligence. It improves targeting and use of sequencers, triggers, contingencies and pre-casting protective spells. Overall, the mage will be more of a challenge. Depending on the game difficulty selection, Deril will use High Level Abilities as well.

Installation of the Spell Revisions mod will change Deril's spellbook to the SR versions. This Mod is compatible and designed to work with SCS.