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Demon Knight (underdark) is a unique creature found in only one area in the game saga.


When the party is within the Demogorgon Shrine chamber, which is located in the Western Tunnels of the Underdark - there are inscriptions and clues provided that suggest if an animal sacrifice is made to the large statue of Demogorgon, then the following inscription may be possible:

To free the five and receive your reward, place a sacrifice before Demogorgon.

Assuming the party dares to attempt this, the five Demon Knight creatures will gate-in and appear in different locations inside the chamber. All are hostile. Is this the reward mentioned?

The Demon Knights will force cast spells at detected party members, to include Fireball or Remove Magic at the outset. Each one will do this as soon as it locates a party member in its own detection range.

They attack in melee combat with their enchanted great swords. Due to weapon proficiency, strength, and being level 18 Fighter/mage class, they have a final Attacks per round of 5.

Any successful strike will apply slashing damage and there is a 50% chance of a Level drain as well, taking away 2 experience levels. There is no saving throw and magic resistance doesn't apply. Only immunity to the effect can protect against it.

The Demon Knight can See the invisible. You can't hide from them.

As the battle continues, the creatures force cast various power words and symbols (there are percentage probabilities assigned to each type). See the InfoBox for scripted spells. The demons do not run out of spells, they are launched with immediate effect as determined by timed intervals only. The AI has no way of recognizing if a party member is immune or protected from its spells.

One Demon Knight (there is no way to visually tell which one it is) has a few different stats, this is UDDEATH2.cre. For an unknown reason, it has strength of 10, as well as different saving throw values. A save vs. Spell of 1 is provided this demon. It also drops the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, Armor of the Hart and Soul Reaver items. This must be the reward mentioned in the inscription. The other demons drop Two-handed Sword +1 weapons.


Despite the demons assigned a Fighter-mage class, the mage experience level is only - one. While that won't affect most of its spells from a scaling perspective, it really makes its Remove Magic cast as weak as it can be. So, there isn't much chance of being dispelled during a fight with these creatures.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems makes some revisions to the Demon Knight creatures. It leaves in place all of the core attributes/ability scores (even the one with a 10 strength). The mod makes the Fighter-mage levels 18/18, and thus now casts spells at level 18. An undroppable RINGDEMN.ITM is now provided to each creature so that it will benefit from certain immunities, as most demons have. The creature is immune to Poison damage as well. 30% Physical damage resistance is also provided. Five pips in weapon proficiency are retained, but also 2 pips in two-handed fighting style.

The demons can innately cast Unholy Fireball (an SCS only mod spell), Remove Magic, Power Word, Stun, Power Word, Blind, Power Word, Kill, Symbol, Fear (wizard), and Symbol, Death (wizard). A few of these can be cast more than once, but the majority are only once per day with SCS.

If the Spell Revisions mod is installed, the SR spell versions will be what the demons cast.

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