Baldur's Gate Wiki

Demon Fear is an innate instantaneous aura that has a 30' area of effect radiating from the selected launch point of the spell, which is usually scripted by the AI as the demon itself.

Depending on the demon, this innate ability may be reapplied at a regular interval, such as once every several rounds. It affects only demon enemies. The effect is applied almost with no delay using SPIN890.SPL "Demon Fear". The innate spell-like effect has no assigned school or type and has a power level of 0. Enemies not immune to fear must save vs. spell or be under an Opcode 24 "Horror" effect, also referred to as Panic in the game - for a duration of 2 rounds (12 seconds).

A failed saving throw will display a "Panic" icon in the victim's portrait. When under a panic effect, the victim will run about aimlessly with a yellow circle around their map screen animation.

Demon Fear is unaffected by magic resistance or spell level projections (such as Globes of Invulnerability or Spell Deflection). The effect cannot be dispelled. Spells that remove fear will bring the affected victim out of the Horror/Panic state. Additionally, a sound effect will be played if anyone is affected by the Demon Fear, and another will play when the spell expires.