You dare to approach, mortal?

Demogorgon, even claiming the title of Prince of Demons, is one of the most powerful tanar'ri. Its appearance is a pure representation of chaos and madness - a reptilian lower body with a huge forked tail, forked tentacles in place of its forelimbs and twin baboon heads above its shoulders. Its gaze alone is enough to turn its enemies to madness.

It is the Imprisoned One in Watcher's Keep. It can summon demons from the Abyss to aid him and is arguably the most powerful boss in Bhaalspawn saga games.

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Solo the Prince of DemonsEdit

This method was designed with the principles of speed and diversion. Being the aggro of Demogorgon is dangerous and one should always try to kill him as fast as possible, as he hits very hard, has serious disables, high regeneration and defences and summons demons to top it off. Therefore, having some decoy, even if short lived, is essencial. This method was tested with a Cavalier solo (+3 to hit and damage against him). For this strategy, you will need some instances of Greater Whirlwind, Summon Deva, Carsomyr and the Helm of Vhailor.

Use the Helmf of Vhailor to cast Simulacrum. Summon a Deva if you wish, with the clone or the original. Draw Upon Holy Might with you and the clone, and protect from evil yourself, the clone and the Deva. Use Greater Whirlwind with the clone and the yourself and have Demogorgon appear. Once he is summoned, show that baboon headed who is the real boss of this realm, hack and slash him and only him. Pay no mind to the other demons around. The Deva will aggro some of them or even Demogorgon and will buy you some precious seconds of free hits. Carsomyr will constantly disable his defences, so reuse Greater Whirlwind as needed. Mind, however, that even after Demogoron's body is destroyed, you need to deal with the hasted demons he summoned. Since some of his attacks and demons depend on randomness, you might need to reload it a few times. The fight should last 10-20 seconds if handled properly. Avoid dragging beyond that, as Demogorgon and his demons hit hard and you need the Simulacrum and yourself hitting him constantly.

After being succesful, write your name in history as the most powerful mortal ever, able to kill the Prince of Demons all by yourself. -- Added by a FANDOM user (talk)

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