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Demin's House is located in the city of Suldanessellar and can first be accessed during Chapter 7.

The house entrance is reachable via an exterior staircase ascending to a doorway.

Enter the house when ready to do so. In order to progress the main quest and gain background information, the party should explore it. Elhan has said this is a priority.


SU Inside Demins House 1

When the party enters this house Priestess Demin cries out in need of aid.

Threatening her are a Rajah, a Rakshasa and a named Rak called Adsaan, all wielding long curved swords. Their cat's eyes narrow and tiger fangs flash in evil grins when they see the party.

The rakshasa will attempt to destroy the priestess. She will succumb to blows if not rescued soon. Attack and put down the tiger headed predators before this happens, else she may perish, and any sought information may be lost.

If Priestess Demin survives, see her page for more information.


Search the two separate containers for anything of interest or value. Find much enchanted ammunition of various types, an Absolute Immunity scroll, and Random treasure.

Note: If the High priestess is slain, she carries the Demin's Note on her person. This note has some essential information on it. The party won't ever see this if she survives, and will be able to furnish this information (and plenty more) through dialogue. If the player wishes to have a memento, or maybe just some reference notes, then it can be pickpocketed.

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