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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with Guard (Delryn Estate).

A lone Delryn Door Guard stands outside of the Delryn Estate in the Government District of Athkatla during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Declare yourself !


If Anomen's Companion quest, Anomen Returns Home After his Sister's Death, has started, the door guard will greet Anomen and a short exchange takes place.

"Lord Anomen! Welcome hom. Your father waits within. He is in the kitchen, deep in drink."

Anomen- He is angry with me?

"Yes, m'lord. Nothing has changed. When your sister... died, things became worse."

Anomen- I'd expected as much. Let him vent his bile on me if he so wills it. I am not the child that I used to be. <CHARNAME>, let us enter.

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