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Del is a female vampire in Athkatla and a loyal to her mistress Bodhi and part of her coven.


In Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, Del and two other vampires are chasing the shadow thief Sansuki during a random encounter with the shadow thief anywhere in Athkatla in hours of darkness (except not the Temple District or Graveyard). Killing her will result in 8,500 XP but she doesn't permanently die.

When you arrive in Brynnlaw during the beginning of Chapter 4, if you sided with the Shadow Thieves then Del, along with Valen and Parisa, will attack the party shortly after the boat docks. The party has been sold out by Saemon Havarian!

There are two Info boxes provided, (to the right and scroll down as needed) as there are differences in the versions of Del encountered.

The first encounter with Del is a stronger version of the vampire, who can use the Vampire Domination ability after two rounds of combat. +2 or better enchanted weapons are needed to strike her. IF she is made Helpless she may shape change into a bat and try to flee. If her hit points are reduced to zero, she will turn into gaseous form and flee the battlefield. If the bat form escapes, no XP is awarded.

The second iteration of Del is overall less able or durable in combat than the first.

Note: Remember, to truly kill a vampire, it must be staked in its coffin.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod with the "Improved Vampires" component revises both appearances of Del. See the Vampire article and the "Mod content" section for a discussion of the mod's revisions to vampires (including Del) in the game.

The first version of this vampire (VVDEL.CRE) is a level 11/11 Fighter/Thief with 124 HP, STR 19, DEX 19, CON 18. She has 2.5 Attacks per round, THAC0 5 and -3 Armor Class. A default SCS script is assigned allowing Vampire Domination ability every 2 rounds, and attacks with either a level drain or "Blood Drain" temporarily reducing CON by 3. She can only be struck by +2 or better weapons. She can shape change into bat or wolf form, and summon bats, rats or wolves with the "children of the night" ability.

The second version of this vampire (PPDEL.CRE) is a level 10/10 Fighter/Thief with 116 HP, STR 19, DEX 19, CON 18. She has 1.5 attacks per round, THAC0 5 and -1 Armor Class. Her melee strike drains 2 experience levels or 3 CON. She also has a different default script, making her akin to an ancient vampire, that has all the abilities of the former version plus the innate Vampire Fear ability and the "Mesmerize" feeblemindedness attack. She will recognize opponents protected from level drain and charm and many other "buffs" for intelligent targeting.

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