Dealing with the Trademeet Genies is a side quest which can be started in Trademeet.


Logan Coprith will ask your help in dealing with Trademeet's genie problem. It can be started before and after Animal trouble in Trademeet. Talk to Guildmistress Busya in the Mayor's house. She will ask you to speak with the Dao djinns just outside the city. Go to the Dao tent just outside the southeast part of Trademeet and speak to Khan Zahraa, the leader of the genies. You can kill him or you can do his task and hunt down this rakshasa. Also, if you protest against the actions of the genies and then tell him you are not doing anything to change it, you get an enchanted ring as a reward of your 'boldness'.

  • If you agree to hunt down Ihtafeer, go to the northeast corner of the area and talk with Itona, a shadow thief. She believes that the rakshasa killed Adratha, the potion seller at the Druid Grove area, and has taken her form.

Leave the town and go to the Druid Grove. Enter Adratha's Cottage in the northeast corner of the area. Defeat Ihtafeer and take her head. Return to Trademeet and give the head to Khan Zahraa. He will reward you with his sword, Rashad's Talon, and then leave with the other djinns.

  • If you decide to kill Khan Zahraa, you will receive the scimitar when he dies.

Report your success to Guildmistress Busya and Lord Logan Copirth and you will receive another reward.


BG Trademeet statues

Foutain statues in Trademeet

If any member is polymorphed during the celebrating ceremony, then their sculpture at the fountain will show them in this form. This works with the wizard spell Polymorph Self, as well as with the druidic ability of shapeshifting. The statue, however, isn't rendered with stoney skin, but uses the polymorph creature's usual hide or skin.