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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with the Deafness spell.

Deafness is a status effect that shuts down a victim's hearing. This in turn may cause spell casting failure for both arcane and divine magic. Innate abilities can still be used safely.

Odds of casting failure are 50%. In the original edition of BG1, odds are 20%, though BG1EE might have them at 50%.


  • At least in Baldur's Gate II, no enemy is immune to the Deafness effect. (but they might be protected against the spells that cause it)
  • Multiple Deafness effects will not stack, but the casting failure will stack with different types of disruption, such as Miscast Magic.
  • A deafened character can't benefit from an allied Bard's song.
  • As is true with all status effects, application details vary depending on source — what is causing the effect. Sometimes duration is permanent until death or cure, and sometimes no saving throw is allowed to avoid the attack. Check the source you're interested in for such details.