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This de'Arnise Guard is one of several guards that are encountered during the de'Arnise Keep has been invaded companion quest. Hendron (which is the in-game name used by Nalia when conversing with the guard) has sworn to protect Nalia's aunt, the Lady Delcia Caan, from the troll invasion. However, his time spent keeping the "hag" safe has led to him contemplating the idea of doing mean, nasty, ugly things to her on account of the woman's decidedly upper-crust demeanor.

He can be killed without a reputation loss if you decide to be less than friendly with him.


  • If Nalia is in the party:

"Hold! How did you— Mistress Nalia! Is it... is it really you?!"

"Hendron? You're alive! What are you doing here?"

"I barricaded us in here to protect your aunt, my lady. I have fought few trolls... I think they are not interested in either of us. What they are doing, I cannot say."

"We are here to deal with the invaders, Hendron, and save whoever remains. I... am glad Aunty is still safe. Will you go to the palisade with her, Hendron?"

"I will go where your aunt goes. I have sworn to protect her, and I have maintained my oath thus far. It is... it is just..."

"Aunty is a real pain, huh?"

"...well... yes..."

"Don't worry. I'll talk to her."
  • If Nalia isn't in the party:

"Hold! How did you get in here?! Who are you?!"

I am <Gorion's Ward>... I have been hired by Nalia to clear out this keep of its invaders.

"Oh! Thank the gods! You... you cannot believe how relieved I am to see you, then. Not only have I been barricaded in here, fighting against trolls..."

'"(...but you cannot BELIEVE the audacity of this woman! The Lady Delcia is the lord's sister... and she is a... a trial, to say the least! I have been tempted to strangle her myself more than a dozen times!...)"

" I suggest you speak to the Lady Delcia further. She will decide what to do, I suppose. (...and it will be the first break I've had from her in days...)"