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These de'Arnise Guard's are encountered during the de'Arnise Keep has been invaded companion quest. Some will also help Gorion's Ward during the battle with Lord Roenall, if you have met the class qualifications to take on the keep as a stronghold. No reputation loss will be incured should any of them be killed by friendly fire.



One of each of these three guards will accompany Captain Cernick when the group appears after the drawbridge has been lowered (along with two Giant Trolls and a Greater Yuan-ti). They will help in the fight against the three enemies and then dissappear when they are defeated.

Five more (two KPSOLD03 & three KPSOLD04), along with Captain Cernick, will accompany Gorion's Ward during the final showdown with Lord Roenall, if you intend to prevent the Lord from gaining ownership of the Keep.


One of each of these guards will appear inside the Keep after the drawbridge has been lowered. They are on the first floor in the corridor near the front doors battling a troll. After the troll is defeated they will leave and disappear.