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Daxus Taralom is an elf Wild Mage initially found at Delosar's Inn in the Athkatla Bridge District, entertaining some nobles by being the "Famous Blue Elf from Athkatla" during the quest Neera's Hidden Refuge.

Gorion's Ward in the company of Neera, if not brought along he says one is too early for his performance and suggests bringing along some different friends, is supposed to offer him sanctuary at the refuge as Telana's previous attempts to convince him he is in danger failed. He refuses any help at first, but is subsequently attacked by a Red Wizard and four Thayan mercenaries attempting to capture him.

If given a Talisman of the Hearthfire, acquired by completing the quest by the same name, he is teleported to the Hidden Refuge.

If not given a talisman, he will again need to be rescued from the same amount of pursuers outside the inn, although he can be told to stay inside until one has made sure the coast is clear. Hayes, who had been standing across the street from the Temple of Helm, will meet up and offer to escort Daxus back to the refuge. Yet he won't reach his destination.


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