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Dawnmaster Kreel is a priest of Lathander during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He can be found in the Temple District of Athkatla.

I welcome you with outstretched hand.

Kreel's first appearance might be out on the streets protesting Gaal's speech:

"Hold!  You speak of blasphemy!  The Morninglord Lathander has always shown His benevolence and power.  His presence amongst us is unquestionable! Such words are a horrid affront to the gods!  Surely you will pay for this!  Do not listen to him!  He seeks to poison your minds! No!  Do not go with him!"

After the scene plays out, he can be found within the Temple of Lathander, taking donations, offering the usual curative services and running a Shop.

Temple Services[]

Cure gp
Cure Light Wounds Icon Spell Priest Cure Light Wounds 50
Slow Poison Icon Spell Priest Slow Poison 150
Dispel Magic Icon Spell Priest Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse Icon Spell Priest Remove Curse 320
Cure Serious Wounds Icon Spell Priest Cure Serious Wounds 150
Cure Critical Wounds Icon Spell Priest Cure Critical Wounds 200
Raise Dead Icon Spell Priest Raise Dead 1400
Heal Icon Spell Priest Heal 750
Resurrection Icon Spell Priest Resurrection 2100
Greater Restoration Icon Spell Priest Greater Restoration 750


Store Information
Sells for160%
Identifies for100gpShopkeeper's lore100
Temple of Lathander
Item Stock Base price Cheapest
Icon for Potion of Healing Potion of Healing 20 120 54
Icon for Potion of Genius Potion of Genius 13 480 216
Icon for Potion of Mind Focusing Potion of Mind Focusing 13 800 360
Icon for Potion of Insight Potion of Insight 13 480 216
Icon for Elixir of Health Elixir of Health 4 400 180
Icon for Antidote Antidote 18 160 72
Icon for Talos's Gift Talos's Gift 1 1,440 648
Icon for Staff of Striking +3 Staff of Striking +3 (×5) 1 800 360
Icon for Stone to Flesh Scroll Stone to Flesh Scroll 19 240 108
Icon for Protection From Acid Protection From Acid 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Cold Protection From Cold 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Electricity Protection From Electricity 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Fire Protection From Fire 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Poison Protection From Poison 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Undead Protection From Undead 2 1,200 540
Icon for Protection From Petrification Protection From Petrification 2 960 432
Icon for Raise Dead Raise Dead 3 5,600 2,520
Icon for Helm of Charm Protection Helm of Charm Protection 1 1,280 576
Icon for Restoration Restoration 4 1,200 540
Icon for Wooden Stake Wooden Stake 3 1 1
  1. Base prices at reputation 10-14 and Charisma ≤ 15.
    Cheapest prices at reputation 20 and Charisma 20+. See formula for details.


  • Interestingly, Kreel's inventory and services are almost exactly the same as Bolumir of Tempus who sets up shop in De'Arnise Keep after the protagonist takes the keep as a Stronghold.
  • Kreel has two different creature files: CsCleric.cre is used during the Gaal cut-scene upon first entering the Temple District, while DawnMas.cre is found within the temple running his temple store.


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