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Darskhelin is a lawful evil male Mind Flayer dwelling in the Forest of Wyrms. Gorion's Ward can find him in the ruined Temple of Bhaal during Chapter Nine of the Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear campaign.

Ugh. You've got tentacles on your face.

— Gorion's Ward


Darskhelin has invaded the ruined Temple of Bhaal with the help of his entourage and with the cooperation of blind Bhaal's priestess Madele from inside, who has instructed him to use his powers against Cyric's High Priestess Akanna. He is waiting in the Reliquary, at the far end of the temple's corridors and halls, which is now decorated with a collection of tubes of glass and metal containing a gelatinous, faintly glowing substance, and together with Jhan Redmoons, Mohad Flintborn, Teth Se-Nehi, and Shallen, plus Umber Hulks in higher difficulties, they are one of the most difficult encounters in this tortured place.


The mind flayer is standing right behind the closed door of the Reliquary, surrounded by his entourage. He is hostile from the very beginning, but before attacking he is going to use his psychic powers, forcing inside the protagonist's mind images of himself triumphing over his opponents, in an attempt to scare and subdue the party. Then he will attack either with Psionic Blast, Ego Whip, or some other Psionic Ability, supported by his companions.


Killing Darskhelin finishes the Eyeless Priestess quest, with the discovery that he was to blame for the current state of the temple and Akanna. There isn't any extra reward than the experience points and loot gained from the battle. The reliquary also contains a lootable table (bearing a Dagger +1) and a locked, trapped chest containing a Scroll of Chaotic Commands. However, there's still some extra dialogue to be had with Madele, unless she has already been set free, or killed.

I discovered a mind flayer was behind the strange events at the temple of Cyric.

— Journal

This quest isn't necessary to be completed in order to get the wardstone, but defeating the mind flayer provides the party with the alternative way to get it from Akanna without fighting her and her summons, if they can speak with her afterwards.

Also, defeating Darskhelin and his company provides the party with the opportunity to loot two unique magical items, namely Crimson Dawn and Archer's Eyes.