Darkfire Bow +4 is an enchanted shortbow which offers a 5% bonus to fire and cold resistance. Also, this bow allows the wielder to use this bow once per day to use Improved Haste upon him- or herself. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. It can be gained in Amkethran if Captain Erelon and his group of seven archers are killed by either angering them or attacking outright. This must be done before completing Sendai's Enclave and Abazigal's Lair, or the Captain will no longer be there.


Through arcane sorcery, the contradictory elements of fire and ice have been combined within this magnificent shortbow.

Upgraded versionEdit

Darkfire Bow +5 offers the same resistances and spell-like abilities as before, but the item value increases and it now offers a +5 bonus to THAC0 and the speed factor is 1. It can be upgraded by bringing the +4 bow and a Bowstring of Gond to Cespenar who will upgrade it for a fee.


The magical bowstring of Gond makes even this strongly enchanted shortbow more accurate and powerful.


  • b = Before the upgrade.
  • a = After the upgrade.
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