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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the content added by the BG1 mod Dark Side of the Sword Coast.

The quest content forms one large quest-line:

Jet'laya's Quest[]

(a.k.a. "Find Jetlaya's missing sister, Ferium")
  • In chapter 5+, visit the Friendly Arm Inn and talk to Jet'laya who now[1] stands outdoors, just outside the gate. She is on a quest to track down her missing sister, and wants your help.
    Agree to let her join your party. (She is a Priest of Lathander with stats 14 13 14 12 17 13).
    The mod's intro slide plays, and new areas near Peldvale get marked on your worldmap.
    • HINT: You can immediately kick Jet'laya out of the party again if you don't need her – letting her join once is all that was required for the quest. However, a cleric with access to 4th-level spells is useful against the monsters you will face in this questline.
  • Travel to Peldvale, and from there via the right map edge to a new map:
  • Wilderness east of Peldvale[2]:
    • Optionally explore this area to kill some enemies for minor loot.
    • WARNING: In this and the next two wilderness areas, time can sometimes skip foward by a few hours with no warning or explanation. This appears to be not a glitch, but something the mod authors explicitly implemented, for whatever reason.
    • Travel further east via this area's right map edge, to reach:
  • Forest of Forgotten Souls[3]:
    • Optionally explore this area too, to kill more enemies for minor loot. The shadows, wights, and wraiths only come out at night.
    • Travel north via this map's top edge, to reach the third new area:
Dark Side of the Sword Coast mod banshee screenshot

the banshee

  • Wilderness north of Forest of Forgotten Souls[4]:
    • This area has a cave with some good loot.
    • At night[5], a Banshee appears on the outdoors map – either by the top-left rocks(1200.1200), or south of the cabin(2400.3000). She initiates dialog on sight, and reveals that she was Jet'laya's sister Ferium. No matter what you say, she attacks. Defeat her, and pick up "Ferium's Necklace"[6] from her body.
      • HINT: During the fight, the banshee repeatedly casts Wail of the Banshee and Confusion – see those articles for ways to survive those spells. She also occasionally turns invisible and runs away in a random direction, so you'll have to walk around until she attacks you again.
  • OPTIONAL: Feel free to peek ahead to the next section, and do the "Dark One" quest at this point.
  • Travel to Beregost, and enter the ground floor of the Jovial Juggler Inn:
    • OPTIONAL: Thorfinn Hauskluniff initiates dialog here and aks to join your party. (He is a Barbarian with stats 18/87 13 16 9 11 8, and is not needed for any quest content.)
    • Talk to Jet'laya's uncle Lennan here, and give him the necklace. You get 3,000 XP and +1 reputation if you choose the first (more tactful) dialog option, or 2,000 XP if you choose the second.
      In both cases, he gives you a letter[7]
  • Enter the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost, and give the letter to Otho Truehammer. He starts crafting a mace for you (see "Otho's Mace" below).
    As you exit the smithy, the "Dragon Quest" starts – see below.

Dark One[]

(a.k.a. "Free the Phantoms of their torture")
  • Return to the "Forest of Forgotten Souls" map[8] after you killed the banshee in Jet'laya's quest. In the top-right now stands a friendly "Phantom"(4200.300). He asks you to release him and his buddies from the "Dark One" who has trapped their souls.
  • Walk left (while the phantom follows you), to the cabin. In front of it now stands a lich labeled the "The Dark One"(1300.800). He taunts you, tells you that he was also the one who turned Jet'laya's sister into a banshee, and then he attacks.
    Kill him once, but he immediately resurrects. The phantom interjects to explain that the lich can only be permanently killed by finding his phylactery inside the cabin.
    • NOTE: If the lich uses a teleport spell during combat, find him again to the right of the cabin.
  • Kill the lich a second time. He resurrects again, but this time it breaks the wards on the cabin, allowing you to enter through its door(1400.700). Do so, leaving the hostile lich behind.
  • Inside the cabin[9], you are immediately set upon by spiders. Loot the chests for the "Phylactery of Koroval Na'Krugen"[10] and other treasure.
  • Exit the cabin, and fight the lich again. Thanks to the phylactery in your inventory, he truly dies this time. Pick up the six vials he drops, which contain the phantoms' souls. The phantoms gather around you, take the soul vials and phylactery, thank you for freeing them, and leave. You receive 2,000 XP.

The Dragon Quest[]

(a.k.a. "Recover the lost relic of Lathander" + "Protect Nashkel from the Dragon")
  • Enter the Burning Wizard tavern, where "Morninglord Jarent of Lathander" initiates conversation. He asks you to retrieve a relic that was stolen by a young dragon south-east of Nashkel.
    As you exit the tavern, a nobleman[11] approaches and claims that the dragon has reached Nashkel.
  • Travel to Nashkel:
    • There is no dragon here, but outside the Nashkel Inn, a boy named Deazle initiates dialog and tells you that someone is waiting inside.
    • Enter the inn, where the mayor's assistant Jeremy initiates conversation. He officially asks you to kill the dragon. (You can optionally insist on a reward.)
    • OPTIONAL: In the back of the inn, Conchobhair Strongblade initiates dialog and asks to join your party, as he is also hunting the dragon. (He is a Cavalier with stats 18/09 14 15 10 14 17, and is not needed for any quest content.)
    • OPTIONAL: Bub Snikt in the Area South of Beregost is now[12] also a joinable NPC. (He is a Fighter with stats 17 16 14 10 11 13, and is not needed for any quest content.)
  • Travel to the Area East of Nashkel Mines:
    • OPTIONAL: Near the center of the map, "Bardo Furfoot"(3000.1600) initiates dialog and asks to join your party, as he also wants to fight the dragon. (He is a Thief with stats 12 19 13 11 11 17, and is not needed for any quest content, but the dragon-slaying arrows he carries are useful for the upcoming battle.)
    • Make your way to the end of the canyon in the top-right map corner, and enter the tunnel(3850.600) in the left rock face to arrive in a large cavern[13].
    • At the left end of this cavern, face the hostile green dragon Salandiaxarxes. Defeat it (28,000 XP), and make sure to pick up the wardstone[14] it drops, as this unlocks the left exit of the cavern.
    • Take the newly-unlocked left exit, to arrive in another, smaller cave[15]. Defeat the two Baby Forest Dragons here, and then loot the pond for the "Ancient Relic of Lathander"[16] and optionally the rest of the dragon hoard. Exit the caves the way you came.
    • OPTIONAL: Torquil(2800.1600) initiates dialog near the center of the outdoors map, and says that something happened to the mayor in Nashkel.
  • Return to Nashkel. Outside the inn, Jeremy initiates dialog and thanks you. You receive 5000 gp if you insisted on a reward earlier, or +2 reputation if you didn't.
  • OTIONAL: While you're in Nashkel, you can already start the Citadel Quest (see below).

Otho's mace[]

(a.k.a. "Collect the Mace from Otho" + "Have the mace blessed")
  • Once at least five days have passed since Otho started crafting a mace for you at the end of Jet'laya's Quest, return to him in the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost to collect "Otho Truehammer's Mace +1"[17].
  • The mace seems a bit underwhelming, but as soon as you step outside the smithy with it, Elminster appears and enchants it for you[18]. He tells you to additionally have it blessed.
  • Travel to the Beregost Temple, and talk to the "Morninglord Jarent of Lathander" inside the main temple building. He blesses the mace, which turns it into the "Mace of Disruption"[19] – a formidable weapon against the nasty undead you'll face during the Citadel Quest.

The Citadel Quest[]

(a.k.a. "Find Gillian's baby" + "Find Jules Necklace")
  • After you've slain the dragon in the Dragon Quest, the mayor's daughter Megan stands outdoors in Nashkel (to the right of the garrison), and initiates conversation on sight. She asks you to meet her mother in the mayor's house. Agree to let her take you there via cutscene[20], and enter the house.
  • Inside the Nashkel manor house, the mayor's wife Gillian Ghastkill initiates dialog. She asks you to find her missing baby son. Agree to help.
  • Back on the Nashkel outdoors map, an elf woman named Jules now initiates dialog when you approach the top-left map exit. She asks you to retrieve the necklace she lost on the road from Beregost.
  • Travel to the Area North of Nashkel, and there:
    • OPTIONAL: A short way up the main road, defeat the hostile Orc Guard to loot "Jules' Antique Pearl Necklace"[21] from his body. You can return this to Jules in Nashkel for +1 reputation.
    • Further along the main road, CúChoinneach initiates dialog. He says he's been tracking an evil creature whom he also suspects of kidnapping the baby you are looking for, and marks "Castle Daerthmac" on your worldmap.
    • OPTIONAL: You can let CúChoinneach join your party. (He is a Ranger with stats 17 16 14 10 15 9 and a dog companion, and adds some extra dialog lines to the Citadel Quest, but is not required for it.)
  • Travel to the "Castle Daerthmac" map[22] worldmap area, which looks the same as Durlag's Tower. (Optionally explore the undead-infested courtyard, ramparts, roof, and upper floors of the castle for kill XP and loot.)
  • From the ground floor[23] of the castle, take the central staircase down to the basement[24], and from there the secret door(450.150) on the northern wall to:
  • Catacombs level 1[25]:
    • As soon as you enter, the missing babysitter Clairis approaches and initiates dialog. She explains that she was mind-controlled into abducting the baby. Tell her to take you to the baby.
    • A cutscene ensues in which you confront the vampire Lord Daerthmac in the center of the hall. (If CúChoinneach is in the party, he takes the lead in this conversation).
    • No matter what is said, Lord Daerthmac attacks you together with Clairis (who turns out to be a vampire too), but in the middle of the battle they teleport away and leave you to fight their minions[26].
    • Take the left exit(200.1000) to get to:
  • Catacombs level 2[27]:
    • Lots of undead and good loot here. Walk forward a bit from the entrance, to catch up to Lord Daerthmac(3400.1300). He summons vampiric wolves to attack you, and tries to teleport away again. Assuming he gets away[28], he randomly chooses his final location, so you must search for him to defeat him for good:
      • 25% chance he's in the top-left mausoleum room(400.900) on this level.
      • 25% chance he's in the bottom-left sarcophagus room(500.1700) on this level.
      • 25% chance he's on the maze level (see below).
      • 25% chance he's on the tomb level (see below).
  • Maze level[29]:
    • Exit the catacombs level 2 via its bottom-center corridor(1700.2000) to get here. (There are more undead and loot here.)
    • If Lord Daerthmac chose this as his final location, then he is in the right-most room along the bottom map edge (1600.1300).
  • Cave & tomb[30]:
    • Exit the catacombs level 2 via its top-right corridor(3900.900), to get to a cave map with more undead but no loot.
    • Exit the cave map via its top-right door(3000.400), to arrive at a tiny tomb map. (There's good loot here.)
    • If Lord Daerthmac chose this as his final location, then he's at the back of the tiny tomb.
  • When you catch up with Lord Daerthmac at his final location, he attacks you together with Clairis[31] and summoned minions. Defeat him, and then pick up the baby[32] he was carrying – thankfully, it's still alive. Clairis drops a letter[33] which suggests that she had joined Lord Daerthmac willingly.
  • Backtrack out of the catacombs and out of the castle. (Note that CúChoinneach leaves your party once you step outdoors[34], so remove any equipent you want to keep before that.)
    Then travel back to Nashkel, and give the baby to its mother Gillian Ghastkill in the manor house for +2 reputation.

Otho's Nephew Quest[]

(a.k.a. "Find Otho's nephew, Tearlac" + "Deliver Katarin's Letter")
  • When you step out of the Nashkel manor house after bringing back the baby at the end of the Citadel Quest, a woman named Katerin initiates dialog and asks you to deliver a letter to Beregost.
  • Travel to Beregost.
    • OPTIONAL: Give the letter to Thomic in the Red Sheaf Inn for 150 gp.
    • When you walk past the smithy, Otho Truehammer approaches and tells you that a group of young dwarfes including his nephew were attacked near a cave to the South. Agree to help.
  • Travel to the Area North of Nashkel, and find a group of hostile elite orcs and drow in the top portion of the main road there. Optionally kill them. Then, on the rocks behind the nearby fireplace, take the cave entrance(3050.700) that wasn't accessible until now to get to the:
  • Orc cave[35]:
    Optionally explore this map to kill more orcs. Then exit via the top-right door(3000.400), to enter the:
  • Underdark:
    This is a very long but mostly linear dungeon crawl, with only a few side areas that are dead ends. There are a lot of monsters to kill and loot to pick up, but for the quest, this is what you need to to:
    • Make your way down to the "Duergar prison"[36] map (see the maps table below). Once there:
      • Walk forward into the central room, where the dwarf Ferthgil Trollslayer is surrounded by hostile duergar. Ferthgil initiates dialog[37].
        Optionally agree to help him, and he joins your party. (He is a Berserker with stats 18/72 17 19 7 12 5, and is not needed for any quest content.)
      • Either way, defeat the many duergar that swarm[38] into the room.
      • Ferthgil carries the hammer[39] of Otho's slain nephew Tearlac – be sure to take that with you, as you'll need to bring it to Otho to complete the quest. You can backtrack and do that now, skipping the remaining maps, or you can optionally adventure further into the Underdark to try and find out what is going on here...
    • OPTIONAL: On the "Drow base"[40] map:
      • Walk into the conference room to overhear the drow boss Shar Nadal being involved in a conspiracy with the Iron Throne. Then he attacks you together with several drow and Iron Throne agents (incl. multiple spellcasters); Defeat them. That's all the denouement you're gonna get.
      • Once you've made it this far, the shortest way to the surface is to continue onward, through three more Underdark maps, and exit the last one to the Bandit Camp.
The entire Underdark portion consists of the following 17 maps:
Map Content Exit to next map
Duergar cave 1 [41] duergar Around the pond (3000.900) (to Spider cave);
Central rock (1450.1150) (to Duergar cave 2)
↳ Spider cave [42]
spiders -
Duergar cave 2 [43] duergar, basilisks, spiders, traps bottom-left tunnel (300.2100)
Duergar mines 1 [44] duergar bottom-center hallway (2100.1900)
Duergar mines 2 [45] duergar, war dogs bottom-right hallway (3600.2600)
Duergar barracks [46] duergar, drow, orc, bugbears bottom-right door (2800.2900)
Duergar prison [47] Ferthgil Trollslayer, duergar trap-door (1200.800) (to Maze 1);
circular staircase (900.550) (to Duergar mines 3)
↳ Maze 1 [48]
undead, traps -
Duergar mines 3 [49] duergar, orcs, ogres bottom-center doorway (1400.1500)
Duergar headquarters [50] duergar bottom-left stairs (400.1600)
Maze 2 [51] duergar, drow, many traps bottom-center corridor (1050.1700) (to Spider cave 2);
top-left stairs (500.200) (to Small room)
↳ Spider cave 2 [52]
spiders, demon -
Small room [53] drow left door (50.250)
Drow base [54] drow, surfacers, Shar Nadal, traps bottom-left lift (300.1200)
Spider cave 3 [55] spiders bottom-right tunnel (3000.1300)
Shadow cave [56] shadows top-right tunnel (3000.400)
Gnoll cave [57] gnolls left tunnel (300.500) (to Bandit Camp outdoors)


Miscellaneous encounters[]

  • Archdruid:
    • On the Cloakwood Mines outdoors map, meet the Arch Druid(600.700) near the top-left corner. He initiates dialog, but then attacks no matter what you say. Defeat him and his bears.
  • ...

Joinable companions[]

Name Race Class Stats Joins in
Keiria Silverstring Half-Elf Bard 16 18 16 18 12 18 Nashkel Carnival (chapter 1+)
Skeezer Lumpkin VI Gnome Illusionist/Thief 14 12 12 19 11 10 Nashkel Carnival (chapter 1+)
Jet'laya Half-Elf Priest of Lathander 16 17 16 12 18 10 Friendly Arm Inn, during Jet'laya's Quest (chapter 5+)
Thorfinn Hauskluniff Human Barbarian 18/87 17 18 8 11 6 Beregost, during Jet'laya's Quest (chapter 5+)
Conchobhair Strongblade Human Cavalier 18/35 14 17 10 16 18 Nashkel, during the Dragon Quest (chapter 5+)
Bub Snikt Human Fighter 17 16 14 10 11 13 Area South of Beregost, during the Dragon Quest (chapter 5+)
Bardo Furfoot Halfling Thief 12 19 13 11 11 17 Area East of Nashkel Mines, during the Dragon Quest (chapter 5+)
CúChoinneach Elf Ranger 17 19 16 11 16 8 Area North of Nashkel, during the Citadel Quest (chapter 5+). Leaves after the quest!
Ferthgil Trollslayer Dwarf Berserker 18/72 17 19 7 12 5 Underdark, during Otho's Nephew Quest (chapter 5+)

New areas[]

Area code Map Area background source
ARC011 Wilderness east of Peldvale custom-photoshopped
ARC012 Forest of Forgotten Souls custom-photoshopped
ARC12A Forest of Forgotten Souls ▸ cabin ?
ARC013 North of Forest of Forgotten Souls custom-photoshopped
ARC13A North of Forest of Forgotten Souls ▸ cave ?
ARC002 Area East of Nashkel Mines ▸ dragon cave ?
DS2110 Area East of Nashkel Mines ▸ baby dragon cave ?
ARC001 Castle Daerthmac Durlag's Tower
ARC003 Castle Daerthmac ▸ floor 1 Durlag's Tower floor 1
ARC004 Castle Daerthmac ▸ floor 2 Durlag's Tower floor 2
ARC005 Castle Daerthmac ▸ floor 3 Durlag's Tower floor 3
ARC006 Castle Daerthmac ▸ floor 4 Durlag's Tower floor 4
ARC007 Castle Daerthmac ▸ basement Durlag's Tower cellar
ARC008 Castle Daerthmac ▸ catacombs level 1 Candlekeep Catacombs level 2
ARC009 Castle Daerthmac ▸ catacombs level 2 Candlekeep Catacombs level 1
ARC010 Castle Daerthmac ▸ maze Ulcaster Dungeon
ARC014 Castle Daerthmac ▸ cave ?
ARC015 Castle Daerthmac ▸ tomb Area East of Carnival tomb
ARR001 Area North of Nashkel ▸ orc cave ?
ARR002 Underdark ▸ duergar cave 1 Nashkel Mines level 4
ARR003 Underdark ▸ spider cave 1 Ankheg Pit cave
ARR004 Underdark ▸ duergar cave 2 Candlekeep Caves
ARR005 Underdark ▸ duergar mines 1 Nashkel Mines level 1
ARR006 Underdark ▸ duergar mines 2 Nashkel Mines level 2
ARR007 Underdark ▸ duergar barracks Cloakwood Mine level 3
ARR008 Underdark ▸ duergar prison Flaming Fist ground floor
ARR009 Underdark ▸ maze 1 Ulcaster Dungeon
ARR010 Underdark ▸ duergar mines 3 Cloakwood Mine level 1
ARR011 Underdark ▸ duergar headquarters Cloakwood Mine level 2
ARR012 Underdark ▸ maze 2 Firewine Dungeon
ARR015 Underdark ▸ spider cave 2 Ankheg Pit cave
ARR013 Underdark ▸ small room Cloakwood Mines barracks ground floor
ARR014 Underdark ▸ drow base Cloakwood Mine level 4
ARR016 Underdark ▸ spider cave 3 Ankheg Pit cave
ARR017 Underdark ▸ empty cave ?
ARR019 Underdark ▸ gnoll cave ?
ARR018 unused Ankheg Pit cave


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