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A Dark Planetar (or Fallen Planetar) is a powerful Abyssal being summoned using the High-level class ability Summon Dark Planetar. It is the evil counterpart to the Planetar.

The Dark Planetar uses the Solar animation and has a reddish tint.



With 110 hit points, 10% physical damage resistance, immunity to cold/fire/electricity, 75% Magic Resistance, 3 Globe of Blades and 3 Heal spells memorized as well as numerous effect immunities, Fallen Planetars are quite resilient, capable of holding their ground against both hard-hitting melee enemies and high-level spellcasters.

Fallen Planetars can See the invisible as an innate power.

Fallen Planetars are under a permanent normal haste effect and, in Enhanced Editions only, have an extremely fast regeneration rate of 8 HP per second (4HP/sec doubled by the haste effect). A celestial is considered "gated" rather than "summoned", and thus cannot be banished by a Death Spell.

The summoned Fallen Planetar wields a +3 magical Greatsword that deals 2D10+3 Slashing damage, with an extra +7 for the Planetar's Strength. The Sword is the item that gives the Planetar its Normal Haste effect, raising its APR to 4.

The Dark Planetar uses a script for melee combat that evaluates enemy use of Mirror Image, Stoneskin and if the Planetar's weapon is ineffective (from some kind of spell or immunity). The Planetar's AI will look for alternate targets moving to the second, then third closest enemy it can detect.

Each blow from this weapon has a 25% chance to:

  • Decapitate the target unless they save versus Death at a -2 penalty
  • Destroy the target if it is an illusory creature, like a Project Image clone
  • Dispel effects on the target, using the Planetar's Hit Dice level, 25 (unconfirmed for basic BG2), and at level 10 for BG2EE (tested and confirmed)

These effects bypass Magic resistance.


The Dark Planetar's primary class is Mage (level 25), but it also has a hidden default Cleric spell casting ability, meaning all Cleric spells will be cast at level 1, not level 25. This makes Flame Strike, Symbol, Fear, Holy Word and Dispel Magic have their minimum possible effectiveness (which varies, as spells tend to scale starting from the level they're normally obtainable and others, like Holy Word, don't scale at all). This has been tested and confirmed for BG2EE.

Without player command, a Dark Planetar's AI will only cast Lesser Restoration, Neutralize Poison, Remove Fear, Cure Disease, Heal (including its scripted self-Heal ability) and Dispel Magic as needed; all other spells require the player to manually cast them from the creature's spellbook.

It will cast Heal if a party member is within detection range and hit points have fallen below 25% of maximum. The other curative spells are cast if the planetar detects Level drain, State: Poisoned, State: Panic and State: Diseased. If a player character is detected and under a State: Charmed or State: Confused it will attempt its caster level 1 Dispel Magic (don't count on that being successful).


Dark Planetars aren't encountered as enemies during normal gameplay. If, however, a player-summoned Planetar becomes hostile for some reason, Death Ward is one way to defend against the Vorpal hit effect. Spells that protect from +3 weapons (e.g. Improved Mantle) also prevent the effect from triggering. Alternatively, increasing the defender's Saving Throw vs. Death (e.g. Improved Invisibility) to -1 or below will prevent the vorpal effect from killing the defender.

The physical and magical resilience of this creature, combined with its vorpal attacks, makes it useful for pretty much any combat encounter. As an example, if given the appropriate pre-buffs, it is entirely feasible for a Fallen Planetar to defeat high-level enemies such as beholders, liches, or even a shadow dragon single-handedly.

Shadows of Amn was initially designed without high-level class abilities like Summon Planetar; player characters were limited to 2.95 million XP and mages could only cast a few level 9 spells through rare scrolls. It was the expansion Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal that retroactively unlocked the XP cap and introduced high-level abilities to Shadows of Amn, but the campaign was arguably not updated well enough to higher level parties. It can be useful for a player interested in normal to higher difficulty levels to know that using Throne of Bhaal content in Shadows of Amn can significantly scale back the challenge/difficulty, and it can become unbalanced in favor of the player. Summon Dark Planetar is one of the stronger abilities introduced by Throne of Bhaal, especially so in the Enhanced Edition with their rapid regeneration.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Spell Revisions Mod makes changes to the summoned creature from the Summon Dark Planetar High-level class ability. It brings the creature closer to the D&D 2nd Edition ruleset.

Dark Planetar (18 Hit Dice): STR 19, DEX 19, CON 18, INT 18, WIS 21, CHA 22; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 152, AC -7, THAC0 1, Saving Throws 3/5/4/4/6
3 Attacks Per Round, 2d6+10 Slashing Damage (Greatsword +3)
Combat Abilities:
Vorpal: 15% chance target must save vs. death at -2 or die
Special Qualities:
Immune to weapons lower than +3 enchantment
Immune to charm, confusion, feeblemindedness, level drain, death, imprisonment, maze, petrification, & poison effects
Regeneration: 2hp/round
Fire & Electrical Resistance 100%; Acid Resistance 50%; Magic Resistance 75%
Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, & Missile Resistance 20%

Memorized Divine Spells:
Level 1: Doom (x3), Resist Fear (x3)
Level 2: Hold Person (x3), Find Trap, Know Opponent, Silence
Level 3: Contagion (x2), Holy Blight (x2), Break Enchantment (x2)
Level 4: Cause Critical Wounds (x2), Metal Domination (x2), Poison (x2), Cloak of Fear (x2)
Level 5: Flame Strike (x2), Greater Command (x2), True Seeing (x2)
Level 6: Blade Barrier, Dolorous Decay, Harm
Level 7: Fire Storm, Unholy Word

This Dark Planetar creature is now a multi classed level 18/18 Fighter-Cleric. It has no Mage spells. It is equipped with different undroppable items to change its abilities and immunities. It can see invisible creatures and can't be backstabbed. It cannot be hurt by Poison damage. It now has a casting time modifier with a +10 speed bonus, and spells will be cast almost instantly. It is not under a haste effect anymore, and instead has a movement modifier bonus of +4. The Greatsword only has a vorpal effect now, with no dispelling function. It has a hidden helmet that gives it a Wings Animation and prevents critical hits. Its adjusted Effective THAC0 is now -3. The creature gets a revised and smarter AI, and aggressively uses Divine Spells while engaged in melee, automatically. The player can still control the Dark Planetar to command his spell casting as desired. As a Cleric, the Dark Planetar may attempt to Turn Undead using its appropriate button control, and since the creature is evil, it could take control of the undead.

The Dark Planetar gets a different animation than the unmodded game, looking less celestial and more infernal, with red wings and a more human physique. It also has some written dialogue in the info box, such as "This is surely your end" and "Death shall be your reward, fool!", and similar abyssal quips.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod with the "Smarter Mages" component will mean that the player may now face a Dark Planetar several times in the game, depending on the difficulty setting. Mages, Alhoons and Liches eligible to have HLA's will summon Dark Planetars to fight against your party - whereas in the unmodded game you may never face one, even in ToB.

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