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The Dark Moon Temple Summit is an area where outdoor rituals are performed and is accessible during Rasaad's companion quest The Enemies of My Friend. It is here where the final showdown between Rasaad and his brother Gamaz takes place.

Note: It is possible to rest in this area.


The location is accessible from the Dark Moon Temple Cave. It is a small, roughly circular area that contains two sets of rock circles that are offset to the eastern side of the area with torches spread around the perimeter and a statue of Shar near the northeastern edge of the outer rock circle.


A hard save is initiated when the party enters the area from the cave and a short cut scene brings the party members into the center of the inner rock circle. Then the final dialogue between Rasaad and his brother takes place with no chance of turning Gamaz away from the path he has chosen. If Gamaz is subdued he will not die until the final Dark Moon minion is killed and he then speaks one last time to Rasaad where he admits that he finds solace in dying by his brother's hand.

This brings Rasaad's quest to and end and the quest section of your Journal is updated with the following:

Rasaad's brother is dead. While Gamaz had turned to evil, his death was still a blow to Rasaad, who has now lost his only living relative a second time.