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The Dark Moon Temple Cave is a two-chambered cavern that connects the temple with an exterior area where outdoor rituals could be performed. It is accessible during Rasaad's companion quest The Enemies of My Friend.

Note: It is not possible to rest in this cave.


The cave consists of two chambers that appear to be primarily used for storage and imprisonment. The main chamber provides a route between the temple and the exterior mountain peak and the side chamber contains two jail cells.

Main Chamber
The main chamber consists of a wide passageway that looks "J-shaped" with roughly vertical walls that appear rather smooth as though the corridor was hewn through the stone with dwarven expertise. There are multiple cages located throughout the chamber that contain Wolves, Black Bears, Gibberlings, and Giant Spiders. The wolves and gibberlings are paired up while the bears and spiders are solitary. The gibberlings are the only creature that are in a cage that can't be opened, making the killing of them relatively easy. Two pairs of Goblins are also found within the chamber.

Side Chamber
The side chamber looks like it may be a relatively newer excavation as the walls appear rough and uneven, particularly towards the rear of the chamber. There are two pairs of wolves that are in cages, similar to that of the gibberlings, which again makes for easy killing. This is also the area where two crude jail cells have been excavated into the northern wall of the chamber.

The Riddle Cages Trap[]

When you reach the vicinity of the jail cells, the occupants, a man named Bassano and a second man named Jasper Banff, will call out and warn the party of the extreme danger that awaits if the doors aren't opened in the correct manner. The double whammy is the fact that, due to some magical rules that control the doors, they are unable to answer any questions as doing so would lead to an instant death by Fireball. Only after they explain the rules to the party is one of them, and only one of them, allowed to answer only a single question. Then the party must decide if the person they choose to answer the question is telling the truth or lying and then make the correct choice of which door to open first.

If you make the wrong choice and open the wrong door, a fireball will strike the party member who's opening the door, killing both occupants and possibly your party member too. Any other members of the party who are in close proximity to the cages will not be harmed by the blast.

If you choose wisely then the doors will both open simultaneously when the correct door is opened. This leads to Bassano going invisible and escaping while Jasper begins a conversation with the party which reveals some limited information about the temple, the Dark Moon monks and his suspicions of Bassano being a Dark Moon spy. Jasper then exits the area while Bassano is silently hiding in the shadows near the location of the cages that held the black bears, waiting to attack the nearest party member that comes into range with an invisible backstab.

Note: While both doors are also locked (Disarm: 30), unlocking both of them for the experience will not effect the outcome of which door to correctly open first. However, if you choose to only unlock that door which you think must be correctly opened first, the second door will still automatically open simultaneously.


There are no lootable containers within the cave so the only treasure available are items dropped by Bassano, the goblins and the gibberlings.