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Damage vs. type bonus is a status effect predominantly used in the original edition of Baldur's Gate II, but still present in all games including Siege of Dragonspear. It is a damage modifier that only kicks in against a certain type of enemies, typically targeting race, class or alignment.

It is usually granted either as a passive class bonus like an Undead Hunter's or as a passive damage boost provided by an item as long as it stays equipped.

Enhanced Editions make little use of this status effect, as the targeting feature can usually be achieved in other ways.


This special kind of damage bonus only comes into play as weapon or fist damage. It gets doubled by critical hits just like natural weapon damage, but isn't affected by the backstab multiplier. The combat logs do not list this damage separately from natural weapon damage, and the damage estimation in the inventory screen of Enhanced Editions ignores it.

When dual wielding, the bonus is applied to both hands even when it is granted by one of the weapons.

Unlike other types of damage bonuses, only one instance of this effect can be used to increase damage in any given attack. So when an attacker is benefiting from a +3 vs. Dragons and a +6 vs Chaotic-aligned creatures, hitting a chaotic-aligned dragon will not result in a +9 bonus, but in either +3 or +6.

Effect precedence[]

Will it be +3 or +6? The bonus that "wins" is the oldest one to be evaluated by the game. This goes opposite to most other non-stacking effects, where the newest effect to be evaluated wins. Oldest equipped is either just that or the first slot to be evaluated whenever the game reevaluates all equipment. In that case, from oldest to newest it goes: helm, armor, off-hand, bracers, right ring, left ring, amulet, belt, boots, cloak, main hand, magically-created weapon, first active spell effects, second active spell effects, etc.

Additionally, as far as Damage vs. type bonus is concerned, equipped items win over the Undead Hunter and Cavalier's class kit passives which get overridden.

Note: A Ranger's racial enemy bonus does not appear to use Damage vs. type bonus, so it doesn't get overridden. As a hardcoded effect, it might still have identical mechanics [verification needed] even though both effects do not conflict.

Sources of Damage vs type bonus[]

Note: An equivalent table can be found here for the THAC0 vs. type bonus status effect. Its mechanics are identical to Damage vs. type bonus except that it affects THAC0 and its usage hasn't been reduced in Enhanced Editions.