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Daleson is the stablehand for the de'Arnise Keep.

What? And who be you then? Come 'round the back way, did ye? I suppose ye must have. Nothin' but trolls and snakes the front way. What are ye doin' here then?


He survived the troll assault on the keep and has been left to tend to the remaining farm animals as food for the trolls.

He is found on the first floor of the keep in the armory room next to the servant's quarters. Daleson is very pragmatic and matter of fact about his predicament.

He is wary of Nalia and her overtures to help the peasantry and commoners.

He will provide some information on estimated troll numbers and that there are Yuan-ti present as well. He also gives some info on how to distract the "pack of nasty-looking monsters that dig like mad".


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