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Dreadfully sorry, but I'm afraid... I'm gonna have ta kill ya.

— Daer'Ragh

Daer'Ragh is a mage who faked his own death for reasons unknown. If you read his tombstone in the Nashkel cemetery, he will appear and warn you not to do it again. Do it again and he will warn you a second time.

If you disturb his grave a third time, he finally has enough and summons a number of Phoenix Guards to dispose of you.

Ah, ye fools, ye really shouldn't have disturbed my grave site. It was not easy faking my own death and I'll not have it ruined by your meddling. Face ye your own death and the hell-flames that go with it!


  • Daer'Ragh, summoned by clicking on Mark D's gravestone, is a reference to Bioware developer Mark Darrah.


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