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DEVA.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by various Deva celestials, called "Mace of Disruption +2" in the game files. Any alignment of deva wields the same weapon.


It is considered a magical and +3 enchanted item and deals 3d6+3 (crushing) damage (adjusted by Strength bonus), with a close range of one foot, and speed factor of 5. It also modifiers the THAC0 with a +3 bonus to hit. The weapon is not modified by any weapon proficiencies the wielder may or may not possess.

The item provides a unique weapon animation, as well as protection from Level drain, and any string references pertaining to that status effect.

This weapon is coded with a number of on-hit effects, some with a percentage chance, as follows:


Upon any successful hit on a target creature, there is a 25% chance of:

A Dispel Magic effect, with a default 10 Power level. This will be applied to any buffs, modifiers or spell effects that are coded as dispellable, with the chance of dispelling them calculated at level 10 power level. Regardless of whether the Dispel Magic feature actually worked or not, the game combat log will show a text "Dispel effects".

No matter the chance of success to remove any dispellable effects, it will always succeed in curing Deafness and Feeblemindedness on the target.


Every hit on a target applies a Stun effect lasting 1 round, but a Saving throw versus spells will negate. This effect is non-magical, can't be dispelled, and bypasses both magic resistance and power level protections. A failed saving throw will show "Stunned" text in the combat display.

Illusion targets[]

Each hit upon a creature whose gender is assigned "illusory" classification is destroyed - such as a Mislead, Project Image or Simulacrum clones.

Undead targets[]

This weapon is also imbued with several features that are especially for Undead targets, as follows:

Struck undead will be killed outright unless a saving throw versus Death is made, with a -4 penalty. If the save is failed a "Undead destroyed" text is displayed on the combat log. There are no applicable defenses to this attack, such as magic resistance or spell power level protections like Spell Trap. The only defense would be immunity to Death Effects from Death Ward or similar, and especially the Kill target effect.

An extra 1d6 +2 damage is also inflicted upon undead as well.